Wilson 311102 Glass Mount Antenna

Wilson 301102 Glass Mount Antenna

Wilson 311102 Glass Mount Antenna

Wilson 3G/4G 5dB 15" Glass mount antenna for use with car or truck. Mounts to vehicle's glass window. Initially designed for 700-2100 MHz. Has nominal gain on 4G 700MHz and 4G 2100MHz.
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Wilson 12" glass mount antenna with 5dB of gain.  Primarily used with mobile vehicle cellular amplifiers that have an SMA connector.  Wilson has tested it with 4G 700MHz and 4G 2100MHz and found that it provides nominal gain with these frequencies.
Special Note: Window tinting on vehicle windows may effect performance of this antenna.  Antenna mounting adhesive may damage window tinting.
  • Dual-Band
  • 5dB gain rating (about 1dB gain 700/2100MHz)
  • 14 ft of RG58 attached to antenna
  • SMA Male connector
  • Height - 15 inches / 31.12 cm
  • Glass Mount with 3M Adhesive
  • Built-in ground plane

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