WilsonPro 140i

Industrial cell signal booster for FirstNet band 14

WilsonPro 140i FirstNet cell signal booster for businesses and large hoems from Powerful Signal


Enterprise 4330 • Enterprise 4300 • Enterprise 1300 • Pro 710i • Pro 140i

  • Amplifies FirstNet Upper 700 MHz band 14 for first responders and emergency services. (Learn more about the FirstNet networkexternal link icon.)
  • Eliminates dropped calls in commercial, industrial, and educational buildings up to 100,000 square feet.
  • 80 dB max gain with 27 dBm max uplink and downlink power.
  • Operates as a standalone booster or in parallel with another WilsonPro cellular amplifier.
  • Touchscreen LCD control panel.
  • This is an industrial booster. Carrier approval must be obtained to operate the WilsonPro 140i.