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What do I need to know before buying a cellular amplifier system?

When you’re considering buying a cell signal booster, the four variables that will help you determine the type and size of the system you need are:

  1. Outside signal strength. The more signal strength you have outside your building, the more your system will have amplify and broadcast inside the building. More signal outside translates to larger broadcast radius from the inside antenna.
  2. User load on the system. The number of concurrent devices that will be using the system will influence the size and type of system you need. More users require a bigger pipeline (linearityexternal link icon).
  3. Coverage area. The more inside space that you need to cover, the more powerful (and more expensive) the system you need will be.
  4. Building structure and materials. Inside building materials create barriers to cellular signals. The types and density of these materials are going to affect how many inside antennas you’ll need and their placement.