240 Coax Cable

LMR®-240-equivalent coax for 50‑ohm systems

400 coax cable, terminated with an N-male connector Top Signal 240 coax cable, terminated with an N‑male connector (left), an FME‑female connector (top right), and an FME‑male connector (bottom right)

We feature Top Signal 240 coax cable for use with 50‑ohm cell signal amplification systems in specialized applications.

All our 240 cable is precut to various lengths and terminated with N-male and/or FME connectors.

240-type coax is typically used in situations where a homeowner or RVer needs to connect an older 50‑ohm cell signal amplifier to an antenna. 240 also has nearly half the signal loss per foot compared to RG58 coax cable, making it ideal for longer runs.

For the longest runs of 50‑ohm cable, we recommend 400‑type coax, which has better performance than 240, but is thicker, less flexible, more difficult to conceal, and more expensive per foot.

Please contact us if you have any questions, and we’ll be glad to help you find the right cable for your legacy signal booster system.

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