WilsonPro 140i

FirstNet band 14 cellular amplifier


The WilsonPro 140i amplifies AT&T’s FirstNet band 14 for first responders and emergency services. Police officers, firefighters, emergency medical services, and other public safety personnel count on the FirstNet cellular network to stay connected during emergencies. The WilsonPro 140i cell signal booster cell phone signal booster improves connectivity for band 14 to help first responders effectively communicate on scene.

The Pro 140i is a high-gain booster with up to 80 dB of gain and strong uplink and downlink power. Even with weak outside signal, it can provide band 14 coverage for a large indoor area.

The Pro 140i can improve FirstNet coverage in all types of commercial, office, industrial, medical, school campus, and public buildings.

WilsonPro 140i FirstNet cellular signal booster WilsonPro 140i FirstNet cellular signal amplifier

Key features

Download the WilsonPro 140i 460074 spec sheet (PDF) Download the WilsonPro 140i spec sheet (PDF)
  • Provides enhanced voice and data for AT&T’s FirstNet emergency services band 14.
  • Provides coverage for up to 100,000 square feet indoors (with strong outside signal).
  • A color touchscreen LCD panel allows integrators and owners to monitor the status of the amplifier.
  • Industry-leading 3-year warranty.
  • Designed, assembled, and supported in the United States.

Please note: The WilsonPro 140i is an industrial booster. Carrier approval must be obtained to operate it. (Learn more.)

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