Affordable Cellular Fiber DAS Solution

Enterprise active fiber DAS for high-rises, warehouses & other large buildings.

The most cost-effective fiber DAS available
Fiber-optic All Carriers US & Canada Modular Scalable Up to 400,000 sq ft

Active Fiber DAS for Large Buildings & Warehouses

The Top Signal Fiber DAS 4400 is an active DAS (distributed antenna system) fiber-optic cell signal solution. It can be self-installed if you are familiar with cellular amplification equipment. We’ll be happy to advise you on the best placement of antennas, or we can provide you with a custom, turnkey solution. Learn more about installation options below.

Complete Fiber DAS System

  • Enterprise active fiber DAS solution for 30,000 to 100,000 ft²
  • Support 4 to 16 indoor broadcast antennas per Remote Unit
  • LED multifunction display & manual controls
  • Boosts voice and data on cellular bands 2, 4, 5, 12, 13, 17 & 25
  • Supports AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, UScellular & other major carriers


Top Signal Fiber DAS 4400 system components

Custom-designed, Turnkey Fiber DAS Systems

In a large building, office, or warehouse, you’ll get the best results and performance from the Top Signal Fiber DAS 4400 with a custom design and professional installation.

Powerful Signal’s design engineers will create design specifications that will use the fewest number of components to get the maximum amount of cellular coverage inside your building. Powerful Signal’s professional installer will have knowledge of local building codes and have the proper tools and experience to make sure your system is set up and configured correctly.

Call Powerful Signal at 435-634-6800 or request a free custom quote online. We’ll design a custom system that will solve your cellular reception and connectivity problems at the best possible price. We’ve designed thousands of cell signal amplifier systems—let us create one for you!


A free quote will tell you what a complete system with installation will cost. With just a few pieces of information about your building, Powerful Signal’s design engineers can quickly prepare an accurate quote.


Office towers

Carrier-agnostic Solution: FCC & Carrier Approved

The Top Signal Fiber DAS 4400 Master Unit (MU) receives available outside cell signal, amplifies it, and transmits it via fiber-optic cable to up to four Remote Units (RUs). Each RU amplifies the signal again and rebroadcasts it inside your building through one to four antennas.

This active cellular DAS system allows you to stay connected in areas where cell service is poor, where your building’s construction materials interfere with signals from local cell towers, or in other situations where cellular service is not available inside your facility.

Top Signal Fiber DAS 4400 warehouse installation diagram for 480,000 square feet of coverage with 3 Master Units and 12 Remote Units This 480,000‑square‑foot warehouse design uses three Master Units and twelve Remote Units to provide complete indoor cellular coverage. (Click to enlarge.)

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Cost-effective & Fast Installation

The Fiber DAS 4400 system was engineered to be the most cost-effective fiber-optic active DAS cellular amplification system available today. Using off-air signal and classified by the FCC as a Part 20 Consumer Signal Booster, it provides the highest power and largest coverage area in the market at a remarkably low cost per square foot.

Powerful Signal’s proven design methodology allows us to design, install, and commission this scalable, low-cost solution in weeks—not months or years.

Top Signal Fiber DAS 4400 office building installation diagram with 2 Master Units and 8 Remote Units The Top Signal Fiber DAS 4400 is both modular and scalable. Additional MUs and RUs may be added to any building to provide optimum coverage at a lower cost than competing fiber DAS systems. (Click to enlarge.)

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Since 2007, Powerful Signal has been providing complete, turnkey cell signal solutions that improve wireless voice and data reception in offices and high-rises, warehouses and industrial buildings, retail locations, hotels, hospitals, schools, utilities, government agencies, and large custom homes.

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