Cellular Signal Is Critical to Your Facility!

There’s a reason why healthcare facilities choose Powerful Signal.

Great cell signal matters.

St. Mary's Medical Center, Dignity Health, Canyon Vista Medical Center, Shannon Medical Center
Kevin Taylor, President of Powerful Signal

Why do hospitals and medical centers come to Powerful Signal? Whether a high-rise urban hospital or a small-town clinic, your medical and administrative staff need reliable cellular service. Powerful Signal will fix your facility’s cell signal problem.

Kevin Taylor – President, Powerful Signal

Why Hospitals Come to Us.

Don’t be fooled. Many online retailers will sell you a cell signal booster kit at the lowest possible price, but they’ll overstate its performance and can’t provide knowledgeable technical support. That’s not Powerful Signal—we’ve been designing and installing cellular solutions for over 10 years, and we stand behind our work.

Our modular and scalable systems use industry-standard components, pre-approved by the FCC, to get the strongest possible voice and data cell signal at the lowest possible cost—almost always far less than fiber DAS systems.


5-Star Professional Service!

  • From start to finish, Powerful Signal is your partner for a successful project. Our end-to-end process will provide a turnkey solution, and we’ll take care of you every step of the way.
  • We will work quickly and efficiently with your team to provide you with an accurate, reliable quote and timeline for your project.
  • We’ll create a custom design for your specific building and its unique needs. Our experienced, professional installers will implement your solution quickly and correctly.
  • After your project is completed, we’ll be here for you for the life of your system and beyond, whether you need technical support, changes to your system, or additional solutions.

They Can Hear You Now.

Medical centers and research facilities are constructed using concrete, steel, and low-e glass. Radiological labs often use lead lining in walls, and many hospitals have below-ground floors. All of these will block cellular signals, resulting in spotty or nonexistent cell service inside your building. Powerful Signal’s commercial solutions will bring the best possible signal into your facility.