Top Signal 50‑ohm attenuator A Top Signal 50‑ohm attenuator with N‑connectors

An attenuator reduces the signal strength between an outside antenna and an in-building cell phone signal amplifier.

Attenuators are used in special situations where there’s a very strong outside signal that’s overwhelming the booster, but not the walls of the building. An attenuator, attached between the outside and antenna and the booster, dampens the signal before being redirected to the inside antennas.

Attenuators are typically used with WilsonPro 70 Plus commercial building systems, and are not usually required for consumer and residential applications. They are also not needed with commercial systems from WilsonPro and other manufacturers, all of which feature automatic gain adjustment.

If you think your system may require an attenuator, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you find an attenuator solution that fits your needs.