Top 5 Large Home Cell Phone Boosters for 2021

Cell phone signal booster systems for large homes from Powerful Signal

Updated June 3, 2021

Need better cellular reception in a home that’s 2,000 square feet or larger?

Consumer cell signal boosters for large homes have more gain (70 dB or greater) than boosters for small homes and greater uplink and downlink power for longer reach to distant towers and more coverage area indoors.

Powerful Signal has tested the large-home cell phone signal boosters from leading manufacturers. Here are our top five recommended systems, sorted by price:

weBoost Home Complete
HiBoost Home SLT
Cel-Fi GO X
HiBoost Home 15K Smart Link
SureCall Fusion5s
weBoost Installed | Home Complete 474445 kit
HiBoost Home SLT Smart Link kit | Top Signal Series | TS545115 PRO20-5S-BTW
Cel-Fi GO X G32-2/4/5/12/13X kit
Top Signal HiBoost Home 15K Smart Link TS544111 F20G-5S-BTW kit
SureCall Fusion5s SC-PolysH/O-72 kit
474445, 470145
Lowest Price (New)
weBoost Home Complete: $1,199.99 (installed); $999.99 (D.I.Y)
HiBoost Home SLT: $999.99
Cel-Fi GO X: $999.99
HiBoost Home 15K: $899.99
SureCall Fusion5s: $850.00
Powerful Signal’s Evaluation
weBoost Home Complete: Strongest uplink; professional installation available
HiBoost Home SLT: Max indoor coverage for multiple carriers
Cel-Fi GO X: Max gain and indoor coverage
HiBoost Home 15K: Balance of price & performance
SureCall Fusion5s: Best price point; strongest downlink
Carriers Boosted¹
weBoost Home Complete: All simultaneously
HiBoost Home SLT: All simultaneously
Cel-Fi GO X: 1 at a time; choose from 6
HiBoost Home 15K: All simultaneously
SureCall Fusion5s: All simultaneously
weBoost Home Complete: Professional (474445); D.I.Y. (470145)
HiBoost Home SLT: D. I. Y.
Cel-Fi GO X: D. I. Y.
HiBoost Home 15K: D. I. Y.
SureCall Fusion5s: D. I. Y.
Max. Indoor Coverage with Strong Outside Signal (−90 dBm)²
weBoost Home Complete: 7,500 ft²
HiBoost Home SLT: 20,000 ft²
Cel-Fi GO X: 20,000 ft²
HiBoost Home 15K: 15,000 ft²
SureCall Fusion5s: 7,500 ft²
Max. Indoor Coverage with Fair Outside Signal (−105 dBm)²
weBoost Home Complete: 4,000 ft²
HiBoost Home SLT: 12,000 ft²
Cel-Fi GO X: 10,000 ft²
HiBoost Home 15K: 9,000 ft²
SureCall Fusion5s: 4,000 ft²
Max. Indoor Coverage with Weak Outside Signal (−110 dBm)²
weBoost Home Complete: 2,000 ft²
HiBoost Home SLT: 2,500 ft²
Cel-Fi GO X: 3,000 ft²
HiBoost Home 15K: 1,300 ft²
SureCall Fusion5s: 2,000 ft²
Max. Uplink Gain³
weBoost Home Complete: 72 dB
HiBoost Home SLT: 70 dB
Cel-Fi GO X: 100 dB
HiBoost Home 15K: 70 dB
SureCall Fusion5s: 72 dB
Avg. Uplink Power
weBoost Home Complete: 23.7 dBm
HiBoost Home SLT: 18.2 dBm
Cel-Fi GO X: 20.1 dBm
HiBoost Home 15K: 18.2 dBm
SureCall Fusion5s: 20.8 dBm
Avg. Downlink Power
weBoost Home Complete: 12.2 dBm
HiBoost Home SLT: 9.7 dBm
Cel-Fi GO X: 8.0 dBm
HiBoost Home 15K: 9.7 dBm
SureCall Fusion5s: 16.0 dBm
Rural System with High‑Gain Antenna Available
weBoost Home Complete: 470145‑HG
HiBoost Home SLT:
Cel-Fi GO X: TS559120
HiBoost Home 15K:
SureCall Fusion5s:
Multi-antenna Systems Available
weBoost Home Complete:
HiBoost Home SLT:
Cel-Fi GO X: Up to 4 antennas
HiBoost Home 15K: Up to 2 antennas
SureCall Fusion5s: Up to 4 antennas
Choice of Antennas
weBoost Home Complete:
HiBoost Home SLT:
Cel-Fi GO X:
HiBoost Home 15K: Outside & inside
SureCall Fusion5s: Outside & inside
Outside (Donor) Antenna
weBoost Home Complete: Directional
HiBoost Home SLT: Omnidirectional
Cel-Fi GO X: Omnidirectional
HiBoost Home 15K: Directional or omnidirectional
SureCall Fusion5s: Directional or omnidirectional
Inside (Broadcast) Antenna
weBoost Home Complete: Panel
HiBoost Home SLT: EDGE panel
Cel-Fi GO X: EDGE dome
HiBoost Home 15K: Dome or panel
SureCall Fusion5s: Dome or panel
Coax Cable Type
weBoost Home Complete: RG6 (474445); RG11 (470145)
HiBoost Home SLT: 400
Cel-Fi GO X: 400
HiBoost Home 15K: 400
SureCall Fusion5s: 400
Coax Cable Lengths
weBoost Home Complete: Custom cut (474445); 75′ + 60′ (470145)
HiBoost Home SLT: 50′ + 30′ + 20′
Cel-Fi GO X: 50′ + 30′ + 30′
HiBoost Home 15K: 50′ + 50′
SureCall Fusion5s: 75′ + 50′
Coax Cable Connectors
weBoost Home Complete: F
HiBoost Home SLT: N
Cel-Fi GO X: SMA (booster) & N (antennas)
HiBoost Home 15K: N
SureCall Fusion5s: N
Lightning Surge Protector Included
weBoost Home Complete: Powerful Signal bonus kit only
HiBoost Home SLT:
Cel-Fi GO X:
HiBoost Home 15K: Optional upgrade
SureCall Fusion5s:
Rooftop Antenna Mount
weBoost Home Complete:
HiBoost Home SLT:
Cel-Fi GO X:
HiBoost Home 15K: Optional upgrade
SureCall Fusion5s:
weBoost Home Complete: 75 Ω
HiBoost Home SLT: 50 Ω
Cel-Fi GO X: 50 Ω
HiBoost Home 15K: 50 Ω
SureCall Fusion5s: 50 Ω
Booster Case
weBoost Home Complete: Plastic
HiBoost Home SLT: Metal
Cel-Fi GO X: Metal
HiBoost Home 15K: Metal
SureCall Fusion5s: Metal
Signal Readout
weBoost Home Complete: LED lights
HiBoost Home SLT: LCD display
Cel-Fi GO X: LED light
HiBoost Home 15K: LCD display
SureCall Fusion5s: LED lights
Manual Adjustment
weBoost Home Complete:
HiBoost Home SLT: Adjust & disable bands
Cel-Fi GO X: Disable bands & channels
HiBoost Home 15K: Adjust & disable bands
SureCall Fusion5s: Adjust & disable bands
Smartphone App
weBoost Home Complete:
HiBoost Home SLT: HiBoost Signal Supervisor
Cel-Fi GO X: Cel-Fi WAVE
HiBoost Home 15K: HiBoost Signal Supervisor
SureCall Fusion5s:
Return Policy
weBoost Home Complete: 30 days (474445); 90 days (470145)
HiBoost Home SLT: 90 days
Cel-Fi GO X: 90 days
HiBoost Home 15K: 90 days
SureCall Fusion5s: 90 days
Manufacturer’s Warranty
weBoost Home Complete: 2 years (booster); 60 days (installation)
HiBoost Home SLT: 3 years
Cel-Fi GO X: 2 years
HiBoost Home 15K: 3 years
SureCall Fusion5s: 3 years


¹ Most cell phone signal boosters are carrier agnostic—they boost signal for all major cellular carriers at the same time. Cel‑Fi boosters from Nextivity boost one carrier at a time; you can boost your choice of Verizon (5G/4G only), AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, UScellular, or GCI Alaska.

² Coverage figures are estimates based on a single inside (broadcast) antenna under optimal conditions. Your coverage may vary.

³ Measured in RSRP. Gain is the increase in the strength of the signal received by the booster. The higher the maximum gain, the stronger the signal the cellular phone will receive. Gain is measured in decibels (dB), which are logarithmic: An increase of 3 dB doubles the signal strength, an increase of 10 dB is ten times the signal strength, and an increase of 20 dB is one hundred times the signal strength. A booster’s maximum gain varies across the different cellular frequencies it supports; some frequencies will have a higher maximum gain; others, lower.

 Uplink power is the amount of output power the booster uses to communicate with the cell tower’s antenna; the more uplink power, the farther the booster can reach to distant towers. Uplink power is measured in decibel-milliwatts (dBm), which are a logarithmic measurement of milliwatts (mW): 20 dBm is 100 mW (one-tenth of a watt); 25 dBm is 316 mW (about one-third of a watt), over three times the power of 20 dBm. The figures in the table above are the booster’s average uplink power across all the cellular frequencies it supports and are drawn from test data submitted to the FCC.

 Downlink power is the amount of power the booster uses to reach cellular phones and devices inside the building. The more downlink power, the larger the area of indoor coverage and the greater the booster’s ability to penetrate walls and floors to reach phones. Downlink power is measured in decibel-milliwatts (dBm), which are a logarithmic measurement of milliwatts (mW): 10 dBm is 10 mW of power (one-one hundredth of a watt); 13 dBm is about 20 mW of power (one-fiftieth of a watt), twice that of 10 dBm. The figures in the table above are the booster’s average downlink power across all the cellular frequencies it supports and are drawn from test data submitted to the FCC.

 Cell signal booster systems must use coax cables that match the booster’s impedance. 50-ohm boosters use 50-ohm coax (including ½‑inch plenum air, ½‑inch foam PE, 400, 240, 200, 195, and RG58); 75-ohm boosters use 75-ohm coax (including RG11 and RG6).

 Powerful Signal offers a 90-day return on most products. (See our complete return policy.) The weBoost Installed | Home Complete has a 30-day manufacturer’s return policy.