Nationwide Installation Service

Professionally installed DAS solutions anywhere in North America

Complete Solutions • System Design • Nationwide Installation • Lifetime Support

The cellular DAS (distributed antenna system) solution in your large building must include the right equipment, designed by an experienced team, and installed by the most capable professionals. Powerful Signal prides itself on having

  • The best professional installation team.
  • Timely, warrantied installation service.
  • Installation anywhere in the United States.
  • A managed rollout process.
Powerful Signal professional installing a cell signal booster in a commercial building

The best professional installers

Powerful Signal’s professional installers are the most-experienced and best-qualified in the industry. Our installers have extensive installation and troubleshooting experience in all types of commercial, industrial, and government environments, including high-security areas. Powerful Signal and its installers work as a team to guarantee the success of your cellular DAS cell signal solution project.

Timely installation service

You can’t wait for months to get a cell signal system installed in your building. We’ll schedule your installation as soon as you approve our custom-designed cellular DAS system. Most of our installations are completed within days or weeks, not months. Powerful Signal’s installers can usually move as fast as you can.

Installation throughout North America

We can install cellular DAS cell signal solutions anywhere in the United States. Whether your company is located in the middle of a large city, in a suburban business park, or in a remote, rural area, our installer can come to your site.

Managed rollouts

Does your organization have multiple locations? Powerful Signal has rolled out cellular DAS systems for large national companies with building sites across multiple states and the entire country. No matter the size or scope of your project, we can put together a rollout that will fit your needs and timeline.

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