Cel-Fi QUATRA In-building Enterprise Cellular Systems

Hybrid active DAS for solving cellular coverage issues in the middleprise

Cel-Fi QUATRA cellular DAS system from Powerful Signal

Cel-Fi QUATRA series

Cel-Fi QUATRA system multi-floor building diagram example A Cel-Fi QUATRA system amplifies and distributes cellular signal coverage throughout your building via Ethernet. (Click to enlarge.)

Cel-Fi QUATRA 1000, QUATRA 2000, and QUATRA 4000 systems leverage your existing Cat 6/Cat 5e infrastructure to provide an affordable, digital solution to in-building cellular reception problems in buildings from 10,000 to 200,000 square feet or larger.

The QUATRA system uses cellular signal from an off-air outdoor antenna or a carrier-specific broadband-connected small cell. One or more head-end Network Units (NUs) amplify the outside signal and transmit it through Ethernet cable to Coverage Units (CUs), which transmit the amplified signal to cellular phones and other devices.

  • The QUATRA 1000 is carrier-specific, providing coverage for a single cellular network (Verizon, AT&T, T‑Mobile, or Sprint*).
  • The QUATRA 2000 provides coverage for two carriers simultaneously (Verizon and AT&T or T‑Mobile and Sprint*). You may mix and match QUATRA 2000 Network Units to cover just the networks you need in your building.
  • The QUATRA 4000 coves four networks simultaneously (Verizon, AT&T, T‑Mobile, and Sprint*).

Using your floor plans, Powerful Signal can design and install a Cel-Fi QUATRA system that will cover your office, warehouse, factory, public, or other mid-sized to large building for a fraction of the cost of a carrier-installed active DAS system. Contact Powerful Signal for more information!

Key features

Download the Cel-Fi QUATRA 2000 data sheet or the Cel-Fi QUATRA 4000 data sheet (PDFs) Download the Cel-Fi QUATRA 2000 data sheet (PDF) Download the Cel-Fi QUATRA 4000 data sheet (PDF) Download PDF data sheets for the Cel‑Fi QUATRA 2000 (left) or QUATRA 4000 (right)
  • Provides enhanced voice and 5G, 4G/LTE, and 3G data.
  • Industry leading coverage with up to 100 dB max gain, up to 1,000 times stronger than most competing commercial cellular amplifiers.
  • Provides coverage for one, two, or four carriers, with a choice of Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint* networks.
  • Because it uses dedicated runs of Cat 6/Cat 5e Ethernet cable, the QUATRA system works within your existing I.T. infrastructure, with no coax cables to pull from the Network Unit to the Coverage Units.
  • A Network Unit can transmit amplified cell signal and power (PoE) up to 325 feet (100 meters) to a Coverage Unit via Ethernet; an optional QUATRA Range Extender (QRE) can double that distance (650 feet or 200 meters). This makes the Cel-Fi QUATRA an excellent solution for large, long, and tall buildings.
  • Highly scalable: One QUATRA 1000 or QUATRA 2000 NU can support up to four CUs, and a QUATRA 4000 NU can support up to six CUs. Powerful Signal can easily install additional Network and Coverage Units in your building as your business grows.
  • The QUATRA 4000 supports more cellular frequencies than any other commercial cell signal amplifier, with out-of-the-box support for bands 26, 30, and 71 for better coverage on T-Mobile and Sprint* networks.
  • Monitor your cellular coverage with the Cel-Fi WAVE online portal with carrier-grade security. Monitor and manage devices, get performance metrics, receive email and text alerts if there are any interruptions in cellular service.
  • Certified by the FCC and preapproved by all major carriers. Unlike most active DAS systems, the Cel-Fi QUATRA system does not require any special licenses to install or operate in your building.
  • Industry-leading installation and lifetime support from Powerful Signal, the leader in improved in-building cellular signal.

* Although T-Mobile and Sprint became a single brand in 2020, many cell towers are still broadcasting Sprint signal and are supported by Cel-Fi QUATRA cellular amplifiers.

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