Cel-Fi QUATRA 4000 Four-Carrier Enterprise Hybrid Active DAS (Q41-5ECU)

Cel-Fi QUATRA 4000 Enterprise Hybrid Active DAS

Affordable, scalable middleprise DAS
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  • Active DAS solution for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile & Sprint
  • 100 dB max gain—the most powerful multi-carrier cellular amplifier for large buildings
  • Supports Verizon, AT&T, T‑Mobile & Sprint, with 2 simultaneous bands per carrier
  • Components connected and powered via Cat 5e/Cat 6 Ethernet cable

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Product Description

Features of the Cel-Fi QUATRA 4000 four-carrier system

  • Designed for middleprise building facilities, with coverage of 10,000 to 200,000 square feet or more.
  • Uses dedicated runs of dual Cat 6/Cat 5e Ethernet cable, fitting easily into your existing I.T. infrastructure.
  • Improves voice and 5G/4G LTE/3G data speed and quality. (Learn more about 5G compatibility.)
  • Up to 100 dB max gain, up to 1,000 times stronger than most competing commercial cellular amplifiers.
  • Provides coverage for all four major carriers simultaneously (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint).
  • Monitor your cellular coverage with the Cel-Fi WAVE online portal with carrier-grade security. Monitor and manage devices, get performance metrics, receive email and text alerts if there are any interruptions in cellular service.
  • Certified by the FCC and preapproved by all major carriers. Unlike most active DAS systems, the Cel-Fi QUATRA system does not require any licensing to install or operate in your building.
  • Industry-leading installation and lifetime support from Powerful Signal, the leader in improved in-building cellular signal.

The Cel-Fi GO QUATRA 4000 system is a four-carrier solution that provides up to 100 dB of signal gain for each carrier network. The QUATRA 4000 improves cellular reception inside offices, warehouses, industrial facilities, campuses, and other buildings that have weak or no cell signal available.

Cel-Fi QUATRA 4000 building diagram

How the Cel-Fi QUATRA 4000 works

  1. The QUATRA 4000 receives outside cellular signal from one to four rooftop-mounted antennas or an existing small cell interface.
  2. The received signal is sent to one or more Network Units (NUs) that amplify the signal gain and send the signal and power downline via two runs of Cat 6 or Cat 5e Ethernet cable.
  3. The two runs of Ethernet cables terminate at one to six Coverage Units (CUs) that amplify the signal again and distribute it to broadcast antennas via coax cable. (Plenum cable is available, if needed.)

A Network Unit can transmit amplified cell signal and power over Ethernet (PoE) up to 325 feet (100 meters) to the Coverage Unit(s). That distance can be doubledto 650 feet (200 meters) with an optional QUATRA Range Extender (QRE). This feature makes the Cel-Fi QUATRA 4000 an excellent solution for large, long, and tall buildings.

The QUATRA 4000 is highly scalable: One NU can support up to six CUs, and, if the available signal from the roof antennas/small cell is strong enough, each CU can be split to six inside broadcast antennas. This means that one NU can support up to six CUs and thirty-six broadcast antennas. Because the QUATRA 4000 is so scalable, Powerful Signal can easily install additional NUs, CUs, and antennans in your building as your business grows.

Best practices: a custom-designed Cel-Fi QUATRA 4000 solution

In a large building, office, or warehouse, you’ll get the best results and performance from a ProWay Cel-Fi QUATRA 4000 with a custom design and professional installation.

Working with your floor plans, Powerful Signal’s design engineers will create design specifications that will allow you to use the fewest number of components to get the maximum amount of cellular coverage inside your building.

Powerful Signal’s professional installer will have knowledge of local building codes and the proper tools and experience to make sure your system is set up and configured correctly.

Call Powerful Signal at 866-912-3444 or request a free custom quote online. We’ll design a custom system that will solve your cellular reception and connectivity problems at the best possible price point. We’ve designed thousands of cell signal amplifier systems—let us create one for you!

Office floor with a ProWay Cel-Fi C4 cellular DAS system and one dome antenna An office floor flooded with cellular signal from a ProWay Cel-Fi QUATRA 4000 amplifier and one dome antenna.

Works with four major cellular carriers

The Cel-Fi QUATRA 4000 works with these four cellular networks simultaneously:

  • Verizon (bands 4, 13, 25)
  • AT&T (bands 4, 5, 12, 25)
  • T-Mobile (bands 4, 12, 25)
  • Sprint (bands 25, 26, 41)
Carrier logos for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint

FCC notice

For information on federal rules governing the use of consumer cell signal boosters, please see our FCC notice page.

Prop 65 notice

Caution triangle icon Warning This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Product Specifications

Large building
Outside Antenna:
Up to 4 directional, roof-mounted antennas per NU or a user-installed small cell
Inside Antenna:
Up to 36 omni or directional antennas per NU
Cable Type:
Cat 6/Cat 5e Ethernet (NU to CUs) / coax cable from outside antenna to NU & CUs to inside antennas
Connector Type:
RJ45 / N
50 Ω
+100 dB max
Booster Case Material:
Signal Readout:
LED lights
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Warranty Information

For warranty information on this product, please see our Cel-Fi warranty information page.

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