UScellular Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Improved UScellular signal for homes, businesses & public agencies

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UScellular™external link icon is the fourth largest carrier and the largest regional carrier in the United States, with over five million wireless customers in twenty–three states. Even though UScellular offers coverage where other major carriers don’t, cellular service can still be a challenge in remote locations and inside buildings constructed from steel, glass, and other materials that block cellular signals.

A cell phone and WiFi signal booster/amplifier can maintain cell phone and WiFi connectivity inside buildings and homes where reception is weak or spotty. Powerful Signal offers proven UScellular signal amplifier solutions for commercial, residential, and government buildings, and in cars, trucks, RVs, and watercraft.

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Whether you are driving through the countryside or sending a text from your office, Powerful Signal can help you stay connected to the most advanced cellular 5G/4G wide-band technology with our UScellular cell phone signal boosters.