Cellular DAS System Design

Matching the solution to your exact needs and building environment

Powerful Signal designs large-building cell signal solutions that are customized and effective. We accurately design every aspect of your system, whether it’s for 5,000 square feet or 500,000 square feet. Using your floor plans and the data you provide about your building, we’ll put together a complete system design that will be implemented by our professional installers.

Understanding your building environment

To create the best possible cellular DAS (distributed antenna system) solution for your building, we’ll need:

  • The outside cell signal strengths for all major carriers.
  • The architectural layout of your building (firewalls, stairwells, elevator shafts, etc.).
  • Floor plans.

Creating design deliverables

Powerful Signal will create an entire set of documents that include everything a professional installer needs to set up your cellular DAS system. We’ll make certain the installer understands the project and has all the necessary information for a successful installation.

Taking the time to do it right

There are no cost-effective shortcuts to designing and implementing cellular DAS systems in large commercial buildings. Powerful Signal does it right the first time.

We are also frequently called to correct mistakes made by other companies who installed inadequate or poorly designed cellular DAS systems.

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