Cell Signal for Ships & Large Motor Yachts

Amplify cell signal throughout your vessel with a cellular booster system

Cell signal booster solutions for ships, yachts, and large vessels from Powerful Signal
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Better Cell Signal for Large Vessels Is Available!

Ships and large yachts have difficulty receiving cellular signal due to their steel hulls and long distances from cell towers. Powerful Signal offers large ship systems (LSS) that amplify and broadcast cell signal inside multi-deck commercial ships, military vessels, and large private yachts. These range in size from a small system for the bridge to a large, multi-deck system that covers your the entire vessel.

Large ship systems provide cellular reception in any or all parts of the ship, eliminating the need to go up on deck to make a phone call. With Powerful Signal’s LSS, you can get strong cell signal on the bridge, in the galley, crew quarters, work areas, and engine room.

Powerful Signal’s LSS cellular systems do not require a license fee and have no monthly charges.

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In most cases, your LSS system can be installed by your maintenance or I.T. personnel under the direction of Powerful Signal. We also provide system consultation, design documents, installation options, and lifetime technical support. We’re happy to consult with your I.T. professionals and provide them with all needed information and specifications as well as dedicated technician.


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USNS Black Powder T-AGSE-1 submarine support vessel

Installation Diagram

Mermaid Sapphire offshore multipurpose research vessel

Coverage Areas

Powerful Signal’s cellular DAS systems operate on cellular bands 2, 4, 5, 12, 13, 17, and 66. Your ship’s mobile phone cell signal booster system will work in U.S., Canadian, and Mexican ports, as well as in many countries in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America.

About Powerful Signal

Powerful Signal, a cellular solutions company, has been solving cellular reception for  years in major brand hotels, office buildings, hospitals, distribution centers, commercial and industrial buildings, and marine vessels of all sizes.

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