Plenum Air Coax Cable

Fire-rated half-inch coax for commercial buildings

Half-inch plenum air coax cable for cell phone signal booster systems from Powerful Signal

Plenum air • 400 • RG11 • 240 • RG6 • 195/200 • RG58

In commercial installations of 50-ohm cell signal amplifier systems, your best choice for connecting indoor antennas is to use half-inch plenum air coax.

Commercial building codes typically require the use of fire-rated cable in plenum spaces—areas with HVAC air circulation, like those above a drop ceiling or under a raised floor. Plenum air cable is jacketed with fire-retardant plastic that will reduce the release of toxic fumes in the event of a fire.

Plenum air coax cable also has extremely low signal loss—nearly half that of 400-type cable—providing better performance and allowing for longer cable runs. Even if your building codes do not have a plenum requirement, using plenum air coax will give you the strongest possible signal in your office or other large building.

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