Smartphone Apps

for Cell Signal Booster Systems

Smartphone apps for cell signal boosters

Updated September 22, 2021

This page includes links to and screenshots of smartphone apps used with cellular signal boosters. It will familiarize you with the app’s interface and help our technical support representatives troubleshoot any problems you may be experiencing.


The WAVE app from Nextivity works with Cel-Fi’s GO X and GO RED cellular amplifiers.

With the WAVE app, you can check the network strength and boost level (Dashboard), set up your outdoor antenna, change your carrier, switch between stationary and mobile modes, disable specific bands of cellular frequency (Settings), and see details of the amplified bands (Advanced).


The MyWAVE app from Nextivity works with Cel-Fi’s GO M mobile cellular amplifiers.

The MyWAVE app is a “follow my phone” utility for your Cel-Fi GO in Mobile mode. It will ensure your GO amplifier tracking the same base station to which your phone is connected and boosting the same frequency and technology the phone prefers.

When you start driving, launch the MyWAVE app within Bluetooth range of your Cel-Fi’s GO booster. Slide the switch to the right into the on position. Leave the app running in the background as you drive. Once you’ve reached your destination, turn the switch to the off position or shut down the app.

HiBoost Signal Supervisor

The Signal Supervisor app from Huaptec US works with HiBoost cellular amplifiers.

With the Signal Supervisor app, you can check your booster’s output power and read its user manual (My Device), compare HiBoost products (Tools), and contact the manufacturer with questions (Message).