CEL-FI GO RED 100 dB FirstNet Cell Signal Booster Kit | G32-12/14-PS

CEL-FI GO RED 100 dB FirstNet Cell Signal Booster

Discontinued; replaced by the CEL-FI GO G41 FN
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  • Public safety signal booster for first responders
  • Amplifies 700 MHz FirstNet bands 12 & 14
  • High-gain booster—up to 100 dB amplification
  • NEMA 4-rated for resistance to water, ice, dust
  • Includes two outside antennas; use the one that works best for you
Outside Signal Strength
Coverage @ 700 MHz LTE
5 Bars
Up to 20,000 ft²
3 Bars
Up to 10,000 ft²
1 Bar
Up to 3,000 ft²


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Product Description

The CEL-FI GO RED has been discontinued and replaced by the CEL-FI GO G41 FN.

Features of the Nextivity CEL-FI GO RED FirstNet booster

  • Provides cellular coverage in buildings for emergency communications from police, fire, and medical personnel.
  • Works with AT&T’s FirstNet cellular network.
  • NEMA 4 rated to resist water, dust, and dirt.
  • 100 dB maximum gain—up to 30 times more signal gain than competing boosters.
  • Boosts service for voice, text, and data.
  • Boosts cell signal for multiple users simultaneously.
  • Configure and monitor your booster with the CEL-FI WAVE app for smartphones.

FirstNet is a high-speed, nationwide wireless broadband network being rolled out by AT&T for public safety communications. This new network has dedicated cellular frequencies for law enforcement, firefighters, ambulance, and other first responders and public safety agencies. The CEL-FI GO RED is an in-building cell signal booster that provides maximum gain for the FirstNet network.

The Nextivity CEL-FI GO RED FirstNet cell phone signal booster helps you stay connected and experience fewer dropped calls, undelivered texts, and missed email messages during emergencies and all other times. Boost your signal strength in areas with weak cell service and in buildings with poor inside cell signal.

Who is the Nextivity CEL-FI GO RED FirstNet booster for?

  • Police departments, sheriffs, and other law enforcement agency headquarters and command centers.
  • Fire and emergency medical services stations.
  • Commercial and government buildings with legacy public safety communications systems that need to transition to the FirstNet communications network.
  • Homes of police and fire chiefs and other key personnel who need improved FirstNet reception.
  • Buildings in remote locations with weak cell service (new communities, rural areas, etc.)
  • Buildings made with materials that block outside cell signal (metal, plaster, concrete, UV-coated windows, etc.).

Get more features with the Nextivity WAVE app

The Nextivity WAVE app for smartphones lets you check your CEL-FI GO RED booster’s status and change its settings:

  • Home: An overview of the state of your CEL-FI GO RED booster system, including the outdoor signal quality and strength and quality and indoor antenna separation.
  • Activity: Get detailed technical information on the bands of frequency being amplified and the state of the booster.
  • Advanced: Switch between operators (carriers), enable and disable specific bands and channels of frequency, update your booster’s software, tune your outside directional antenna, and more.

Optional plenum air coax cable upgrade

The CEL-FI GO RED system includes TS‑400 coax cable that connects the amplifier to the inside broadcast antenna. If your building requires fire-rated cableexternal link icon in plenum spaces, please ask us about upgrading to half-inch plenum air coax. Plenum cable fully meets state and federal building codes.

Plenum cable also has nearly half the signal loss per foot of cable compared to TS‑400 coax cable, providing stronger signal from your GO RED booster and a wider indoor coverage area.

(Plenum air cable is available at additional cost. Call Powerful Signal at 435-634-6800 for details.)

TS-400 coax cable and plenum air coax cable terminated with N-male connectors This system uses TS‑400 coax (left), but you can upgrade to fire-rated plenum air coax cable (right) for building-code compliance and better performance.

Best practices: A custom-designed CEL-FI GO RED solution

In a police or fire station, office, or other large building, you’ll get the best results and performance from a CEL-FI GO RED with a custom design and professional installation.

Working with your floor plans, Powerful Signal’s design engineers will create design specifications that will allow you to use the fewest number of components to get the maximum amount of FirstNet cellular coverage indoors.

Powerful Signal’s professional installer will have knowledge of local building codes and the proper tools and experience to make sure your system is set up and configured correctly.

Call Powerful Signal at 435-634-6800 or request a free custom quote online. We’ll design a custom system that will solve your FirstNet reception and connectivity problems at the best possible price point. We’ve designed thousands of cell signal amplifier systems—let us create one for you!

Office floor with a cellular booster system and dome antenna An office floor with amplified cellular signal from a CEL-FI GO RED FirstNet booster and one dome antenna.

CEL-FI GO RED FirstNet booster kit contents

We strongly advise a designed solution (see Best Practices, above). If you prefer to purchase the GO RED as a standalone product, without design and installation, the kit comes with the following components.

CEL-FI GO RED FirstNet booster G32‑12/14
AC power supply
Top Signal wideband outdoor omni antenna TS210471*
Top Signal wideband outdoor LPDA antenna TS220971*
Top Signal wideband indoor dome antenna TS250374
75′ Top Signal TS‑400 coax cable TS340075
50′ Top Signal TS‑400 coax cable TS340050
20′ Top Signal TS‑400 coax cable TS340020
Top Signal TS386002 RG58U coax 2 ft. N-Female/SMA-Male Connectors icon 2′ Top Signal RG58U coax w/N‑female & SMA‑male connectors TS386002 (×2)
Top Signal N‑female to N‑female barrel connector TS451017
Adjustable rooftop antenna mount TS430001
Top Signal 50‑ohm lightning surge protector TS450001
CEL-FI GO RED G32-12/14 quick start guide icon CEL-FI GO RED quick start guide

* Use either the outside omni antenna or the LPDA antenna, whichever performs best in your circumstances.
 Use the barrel connector to attach lengths of coax cable to achieve optimal cable lengths from the booster to the antennas. Always use the shortest runs of cable necessary to connect the components.

Works with the AT&T FirstNet network

The CEL-FI GO RED FirstNet booster system works only on AT&T’s FirstNet cellular networkexternal link icon, which includes two bands of frequency:

  • AT&T band 12 (uplink 699–716 MHz; downlink 729–746 MHz).
  • FirstNet band 14 (uplink 788–798 MHz; downlink 758–768 MHz).

It does not boost signal for other cellular networks or frequencies.

Not sure which bands your phone uses? Contact us—our technical support reps will be happy to help you!

FirstNet logo with other carrier logos crossed out The FirstNet logo is a registered trademark of FirstNet, an independent authority within the U.S. Department of Commerce.

FCC notice

The CEL-FI GO RED is classified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as a Part 90 Class B wideband industrial booster. To operate a GO RED booster you must obtain the express written consent of AT&T and register the booster(s) with the FCC. Licensing and registration is the responsibility of the booster owner/operator; Powerful Signal cannot license boosters on behalf of its customers. Click here for more information on Part 90 boosters.

Prop 65 notice

Caution triangle icon Warning This product can expose you to chemicals, including nickel, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Bisphenol A, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to link icon.

Product Specifications

Commercial or public building / home
Strong outside signal (−95 dBm RSRP, 5 bars):
Up to 20,000 ft² indoor coverage
Fair outside signal (−105 dBm RSRP, 3 bars):
Up to 10,000 ft² indoor coverage
Weak outside signal (−115 dBm RSRP, 1 bar):
Up to 3,000 ft² indoor coverage
Outside Antenna:
Omnidirectional cylinder and directional LPDA (use either)
Inside Antenna:
Omnidirectional dome
Cable Type:
Connector Type:
50 Ω
+100 dB max
Max Output Power (Uplink):
24 dBm
Max Output Power (Downlink):
16 dBm
Booster Case Material:
Signal Readout:
LED light & smartphone app
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Warranty Information

For warranty information on this product, please see our Nextivity warranty information page.

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