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What should I look for in a company who can fix the cell signal in my building?

There are many companies in the business of improving cellular reception in buildings. These companies range from e-commerce businesses who just want to sell you “a box of parts” and let you take care of the rest, to highly technical multinational corporations who manage projects involving millions of square feet of building coverage.

Here are some guidelines to help you find the right company for your project:

Experience: Look for companies that have been in business for at least a decade, who have a proven track record of improving the cellular reception in commercial buildings, not just selling systems. Some companies advertise design and installation services, even though they have little industry experience outside of shipping click-to-buy boxes.

Ask questions: Ask a lot of questions about the technology, the system design, and the implementation process. Be certain the company has the answers and can thoroughly explain them to your level of satisfaction. The company you are considering should also ask you questions about your building, your current problem, and your expectations for the solution. Be very hesitant to select a business that does not take the time to understand your problem.

System design: Be sure the company you select knows how to design cell signal distributed antenna systems in buildings of all sizes and shapes. Some companies will “farm out” the design process to the manufacturer or another third party, because they don’t know how to design systems and they just want to sell the parts. Companies with in-house design expertise will take responsibility for the system design and its success.

Post-installation support: Once the system is installed and running, will the company you chose be available for questions, warranty issues, upgrades, and repairs? If you call them five years after installation, will they still have your file with the system design and installation notes? As-built diagrams and connection charts are critical to addressing future issues, including replacement and expansion of your existing system.