Top Signal 5G OTR Antenna 600–4000 MHz SMA-Female | TS210401

Top Signal 5G OTR Antenna 600–4000 MHz SMA-Female TS210401

Wider bandwidth for 5G frequencies
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  • Outside antenna for trucks, RVs, fifth-wheels, trailers & class B adventure vans
  • 5G frequency range 600–4000 MHz
  • Mast extension & spring mount for your choice of 11.5″ to 26.3″ antenna height
  • 11.3′ of flexible RG58 coax cable
  • 3-way L-bracket mount (included) attaches to horizontal or vertical rails or mirror brackets
  • Optional MagMAX magnet mount

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Product Description

Features of the Top Signal 5G OTR antenna

  • Omnidirectional antenna for trucks, commercial vehicles, RVs, fifth-wheels, trailers, class B adventure vans.
  • Works with 600–4000 MHz 5G, 4G LTE, and 3G frequencies. (Learn more about 5G compatibility.)
  • Includes a mast extension and spring mount for your choice of 11.5″, 15.2″, 22.5″, or 26.3″ antenna height.
  • 11.3′ RG58 coax cable (attached) with a thin SMA-female connector that threads through the mast, out the side exit adapter, and into your vehicle.
  • SMA-male barrel connector attaches to signal boosters with SMA-female connectors, including the Cel‑Fi GO M, weBoost Drive X, and HiBoost Travel 4G 2.0. (An optional SMB adapter is available for the weBoost Drive Reach, and an FME adapter is available for the SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0.)
  • 3-way L‑bracket mount included.
  • Optional MagMAX magnet mounts (TS432010, TS432011) firmly secure the antenna to steel roofs or tool boxes. Use the MagMAX without the antenna mast extension; with the mast extension, use the MagMAX 3X.
  • 2-year warranty.
Top Signal MagMAX TS432010 and MagMAX 3X TS432011 magnetic OTR antenna mounts with Top Signal 5G OTR Antenna TS210401 Without its mast extension, the Top Signal 5G OTR antenna can be mounted to steel cab roofs with the optional Top Signal MagMAX magnet mount (top & right). The MagMAX 3X magnet mount (bottom) works with or without the antenna mast extension. (Click to enlarge.)

Who is the Top Signal 5G OTR antenna for?

  • OTR truckers and drivers of other CMVs.
  • RVs, fifth-wheels, trailers, and class B adventure vans.
  • Field service technicians (oil, gas, agriculture, etc.).
  • Government agencies (Forest Service, executive and legislative staff, military, etc.).
  • Emergency responders (police, sheriff, fire, EMT, etc.).
  • Delivery and service vans.
Top Signal 5G OTR Antenna TS210401 setup options The Top Signal 5G OTR antenna includes an optional mast extension and spring mount for four setup options from 11.5″ to 26.3″. (Click to enlarge.)

Do-it-yourself installation

Installing the Top Signal 5G OTR antenna is simple and fast. It does not require professional help; you can do it yourself in about 20 minutes.

The antenna can be mounted in a ⅜″ × 24 CB mount, or using the included 3‑way rail mount, or with an optional MagMAX or MagMAX 3X magnet mount for steel roofs.

You can download the installation instructions here.

Download the Top Signal 5G OTR antenna TS210401 installation guide (PDF) Top Signal 5G OTR antenna installation guide. (Click to download.)

Do you need an adapter?

The Top Signal 5G OTR antenna has 11.3 feet of RG58 coax cable terminated with an SMA‑female connector. The kit includes an SMA-male barrel adapter for connecting to cell signal boosters with SMA-female connectors.

If your cell signal booster has SMA‑female connectors, you do not need to adapt this antenna; it will connect to your booster natively. Boosters with SMA‑female connectors include the Cel‑Fi GO M, the weBoost Drive X or Drive 4G‑X, and the HiBoost Travel 4G 2.0 or Travel 4G LTE.

You will need to add an optional adapter (above) if you plan to use this antenna with any of the following boosters:

Choose the adapter add-on option at the top of this page before clicking Add to Cart.

SMA-male SMA-female SMB-male SMB-female FME-male FME-female connectors This comparison will help you identify the connectors on your mobile booster and its coax cables. (Click to enlarge.)

Top Signal 5G OTR antenna contents

Top Signal 5G OTR Antenna TS210401 antenna and RG58 cable icon Top Signal 5G OTR antenna w/attached 11.3′ black RG58 coax cable
Top Signal 5G OTR Antenna TS210401 mast extension icon 11.1″ mast extension
Top Signal 5G OTR Antenna TS210401 cable side exit adapter icon 3.2″ cable side exit adapter
Top Signal 5G OTR Antenna TS210401 antenna spring mount icon 3.7″ spring mount
Top Signal 5G OTR Antenna TS210401 3-way mount icon L‑bracket 3‑way mount w/hardware
Top Signal 5G OTR Antenna TS210401 hex nut and lock washer icon Hex nut & lock washer
Top Signal 5G OTR Antenna TS210401 SMA-male to SMA-male barrel connector icon SMA‑male to SMA‑male barrel connector
Top Signal 5G OTR Antenna TS210401 installation guide icon Top Signal 5G OTR installation guide

Please note

  • This antenna will not operate by itself; it is one component of a cell signal booster system. Please contact Powerful Signal—we’ll be happy to help you determine what your needs are and what system will work best in your situation.

Product Specifications

Commercial truck/RV/Fifth-wheel/Trailer/Class B Adventure Van
Connector Type:
SMA-female / SMA-male (w/adapter)
Cable Type:
Cable Length:
11.3 ft. (3.44 m)
Antenna Type:
Outside omnidirectional
Antenna Length:
11.5″, 15.2″, 22.5″, or 26.3″ (30.2, 39.6, 58.2, or 67.8 cm), depending on setup
Mount Type:
CB/3-way mount/magnetic mount
Mount Spec:
⅜-in. × 24 thread
50 Ω
Gain 600–798 MHz:
+3.3 dBi
Gain 806–960 MHz:
+3.2 dBi
Gain 1710–1880 MHz:
+4.1 dBi
Gain 1990–2170 MHz:
+3.9 dBi
Gain 2300–2700 MHz:
+3.4 dBi
Gain 3300–4000 MHz:
+2.3 dBi

Warranty Information

For warranty information on this product, please see our Top Signal warranty information page.

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