Top Signal MagMAX OTR Trucker Magnetic Antenna Mount (TS432010)

Top Signal MagMAX OTR Trucker Magnetic Antenna Mount TS432010

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  • Magnetic mount for steel truck cabs, tool boxes & roof racks
  • Standard 3⁄8″ × 24 CB mount
  • For OTR antennas up to 16″ tall
  • Works with Wilson’s Drive OTR antenna (without spring & mast extensions)

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Product Description

Features of the Top Signal MagMAX OTR antenna mount

  • Rare-earth magnet adheres securely to steel vehicle cabs, tool boxes, and roof racks.
  • 2½″ height × 4¼″ diameter.
  • Standard 3⁄8″ × 24 threaded CB mount.
  • Supports antennas up to 16″ tall. (No mast extensions or springs.)
Top Signal MagMAX magnetic OTR antenna mount TS432010 with Wilson Electronics Drive OTR antenna 311229 The Top Signal MagMAX magnetic mount works with most OTR antennas, including the Wilson Drive OTR without mast extensions and antenna spring, as pictured here. (Antenna sold separately).

How the Top Signal MagMAX OTR antenna mount works

  • For OTR/trucker cell phone signal booster antennas, including the Wilson Drive OTR (311229) and Top Signal 5G OTR (TS210401) without mast extensions (see below).
  • Works with steel and iron (ferrous) surfaces.

Please note

  • This mount is for antennas up to 16″ tall. It may be used with the Wilson Drive OTR and Top Signal 5G OTR without mast extensions. It is not strong enough to handle the wind resistance caused by antennas taller than 16″. (For taller antennas, use the Top Signal MaxMAX 3X antenna mount.)
  • Do not use antenna springs. If your antenna includes a spring mount, do not use the spring with the MagMAX mount. Use only the cable side-exit adapter when attaching it to the magnet mount.
  • This mount will not work on trucks with aluminum or fiberglass cab roofs. Test your cab’s roof with a kitchen magnet before purchasing.
  • While the rubber boot on the bottom of the magnet is lightly sealed, it is designed to be replaceable and there may be small gaps in the sealing. Feel free to apply a silicone sealant for additional waterproofing.

Optional add-on: Top Signal 180° folding antenna mount

This product works with the Top Signal 180° folding antenna mount, a chromed aluminum mount for cell phone signal booster antennas.

The folding mount accepts industry standard 3⁄8″ × 24 thread CB mounts, like those found on the Wilson Drive OTR, Wilson Drive Overland, and Top Signal 5G OTR antennas.

The Top Signal 180° folding mount is fixable at any angle. The hinge is tightened and loosened with a 7⁄32″ hex key (included).

To get yours, choose 180° folding antenna mount from the dropdown option above before clicking Add to Cart.

Top Signal MagMAX OTR antenna mount contents

Top Signal MagMAX OTR Trucker Magnetic Antenna Mount TS432010 icon Top Signal MagMAX antenna mount TS432010
Top Signal 180 Degree Folding Mount for Cellular Antennas TS431002 icon Optional add-on
Top Signal folding mount w/lock washer, nut & hex key TS431002

Product Specifications

Commercial truck/pickup truck/auto/SUV
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Warranty Information

For warranty information on this product, please see our Top Signal warranty information page.

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