Top Signal TS210302 3G Right-Angle Antenna with FME-Female Connector

Top Signal 3G Right-Angle Antenna FME-Female TS210302

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  • 3G antenna for desktop or vehicle
  • Broadcasts a desktop-sized radius of improved cell signal.
  • FME-female connect attaches directly to booster
  • For use with Wilson legacy 3G boosters

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Product Description

Features of the Top Signal 3G right-angle antenna

  • 800/1900 MHz (2G/3G) omnidirectional indoor broadcast antenna.
  • 8.25″ antenna.
  • FME‑female connector attaches directly to an FME‑male port on a signal booster.
  • Antenna joint articulates 90°, with stops at 0°, 45°, and 90°.
  • Works best with 3G cell phone signal boosters.
  • 90-day warranty.

How the Top Signal 3G right-angle antenna works

  • Sends and receives amplified inside signal from a cell phone signal booster, creating a desktop area of increased cellular reception.
  • Works with Wilson Electronics’ legacy dual-band (3G) cellular boosters (like the Wilson 801212 Mobile 3G).
  • Also works with Wilson’s current line of weBoost 3G mobile boosters, with an FME‑male to SMA‑male adapter (Top Signal TS451019, sold separately).

Top Signal 3G right-angle antenna contents

Top Signal 3G Right-Angle Antenna FME-Female TS210302 icon 3G right‑angle antenna TS210302

Please note

  • This antenna will not operate by itself; it is one component of a cell signal booster system. Please contact Powerful Signal—we’ll be happy to help you determine what your needs are and what system will work best in your situation.

Product Specifications

Single room/auto/pickup truck/SUV
3G only
Connector Type:
Cable Type:
Cable Length:
Antenna Type:
Inside omnidirectional
Antenna Length:
8.3 in. (21 cm)
Mount Type:
Direct connection
Mount Spec:
Articulates 0°/45°/90°
50 Ω
Gain 824–894 MHz:
+4.0 dBi
Gain 1850–1990 MHz:
+4.0 dBi

Warranty Information

For warranty information on this product, please see our Top Signal warranty information page.