Top Signal EDGE 5G Flex-Mount Panel Antenna 600–4000 MHz N-Female (TS260820)

Top Signal EDGE 5G Flex-Mount Panel Antenna 600–4000 MHz N-Female TS260820

New, modern design with multiple mounting options
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  • Mounts to wall or ceiling; also stands upright on any flat surface
  • Multiple mounting kits included
  • Contemporary, modern design for offices and homes
  • 50-ohm 4G/5G indoor panel antenna
  • “Pigtail” cable with N-female connector

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Product Description

Top Signal EDGE is a new series of in-building cellular antennas with a modern design and custom features for easier mounting and positioning. The EDGE dome antenna and EDGE panel antenna have similar designs, giving the antennas in your building or home a consistent look when they are used together.

Top Signal EDGE 5G Dual-Mount Dome Antenna TS250620 and Top Signal Flex-Mount Panel Antenna TS260820 The Top Signal EDGE dual‑mount dome antenna (left) and flex‑mount panel antenna (right) share a similar design and compliment each other in commercial and residential applications.

Features of the Top Signal EDGE 5G flex-mount panel antenna

  • 6.9″ × 6.9″ × 2.7″ (175 × 175 × 68 mm) directional building flex-mount antenna.
  • Works with 600–4000 MHz 5G and 4G/LTE frequencies. (Learn more about 5G compatibility.)
  • Mounts to drywall and other surfaces, vertically or horizontally. (Learn more.)
  • Mounts to the inside of an exterior window with optional window mount. (Learn more.)
  • N‑female connector with “pigtail” cable attachment.
  • 50‑ohm impedance.
  • +4.3–7.5 dBi gain.
  • Beamwidth: 50–100° horizontal, 45–95° vertical.
  • 90‑day warranty.

Mounting options for the Top Signal EDGE 5G flex-mount panel antenna

Because of the multiple ways it can be set up, the Top Signal EDGE panel flex-mount antenna is an excellent choice for businesses, houses, condos and apartments, RVs and fifth wheels, boats, and many other applications.

  1. Mount it vertically (forward-facing) on a drillable wall with a bracket and screws (included).
  2. Stand it up vertically (forward-facing) on any flat surface, such as a bookcase, shelf, table, or desk.
  3. Mount it horizontally (downward-facing) on a drillable ceiling with a threaded post and nut (included).
  4. Because the 5G panel antenna is so light (only 14 oz./0.4 kg), you may also mount it horizontally or vertically using Command™ Strips or similar adhesives (included).

The back of the panel antenna includes a channel for the pigtail cable so it will mount flush against walls and ceilings.

Command™ brand is a trademark of 3M.

Top Signal EDGE 5G Flex-Mount Panel Antenna N-Female TS260820 with Threaded Post and Nut The removable nylon post and nut give you the option of mounting this antenna vertically on a drillable ceiling. (Click to enlarge.)

Optional window mount

With the optional window mount, the Top Signal EDGE panel antenna can by mounted to the inside of an exterior window and used as a donor antenna to communicate with cell towers. This is useful in situations where you may not have the option to install a donor antenna on the roof or elsewhere outside the building.

A cell phone donor antenna requires adequate separation from the broadcast antenna. The setup pictured below will work with the CEL-FI GO G43, CEL-FI GO G41, and CEL-FI GO G32, due to their superior echo cancellation. Please contact us if you have any questions about using the Top Signal EDGE panel with your cell phone signal booster system.

How the Top Signal EDGE 5G flex-mount panel antenna works

  • Receives inside signal from a cell phone signal booster and directs it to multiple cell phones inside the building.
  • For use inside commercial buildings, offices, homes, RVs, and boats.
  • Works with 50‑ohm commercial and residential booster systems.

Top Signal EDGE 5G flex-mount panel antenna contents

Top Signal EDGE 5G Flex-Mount Panel Antenna N-Female TS260820 icon Wideband indoor panel antenna TS260820
Top Signal EDGE 5G Flex-Mount Panel Antenna N-Female TS260820 Mountingr Bracket and Drywall Screws icon Wall‑mount bracket (×1) with screws and drywall anchors (×4)
Top Signal EDGE 5G Flex-Mount Panel Antenna N-Female TS260820 Threaded Post and Nut icon Threaded nylon mounting post and nut
Top Signal EDGE Panel Antenna Window Mount TS431001 icon Optional add‑on
EDGE panel antenna window mount TS431001 w/3M hook-and-loop double-sided adhesive 9448A (×2)

Please note

  • This antenna will not operate by itself; it is one component of a cell signal booster system. Please contact Powerful Signal—we’ll be happy to help you determine what your needs are and what system will work best in your situation.

Performance independently verified

The Top Signal EDGE panel antenna has been independently evaluated by Antenna Test Labexternal link icon in Raleigh, North Carolina. The gain figures on this page and in the spec sheet are from their laboratory results.

Antenna Test Lab Top Signal EDGE 5G Flex-Mount Panel Antenna N-Female TS260820 (Click to enlarge.)

Product Specifications

Connector Type:
Cable Type:
Cable Length:
13 in. (33 cm)
Antenna Type:
Inside directional
Antenna Dimensions:
6.9 × 6.9 × 2.7 in. (17.5 × 17.5 × 6.8 cm)
Mount Type:
Wall bracket/ceiling post and nut/adhesive
Mount Spec:
Attaches to any flat surface/stands upright on any horizontal surface
50 Ω
Peak Gain 617–698 MHz:
+4.7 dBi
Peak Gain 699–798 MHz:
+4.3 dBi
Peak Gain 814–894 MHz:
+5.8 dBi
Peak Gain 1695–1780 MHz:
+5.5 dBi
Peak Gain 1850–2020 MHz:
+7.0 dBi
Peak Gain 2110–2200 MHz:
+7.2 dBi
Peak Gain 2300–2700 MHz:
+7.5 dBi
Beamwidth Horizontal Plane:
Beamwidth Vertical Plane:

Warranty Information

For warranty information on this product, please see our Top Signal warranty information page.

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