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What is a refurbished cell phone signal booster?

A refurbished cell signal booster can be an excellent choice if you need improved cell signal at home and want the best value for your dollar.

Refurbished boosters were sold new, returned by the original customer soon after purchase, and resold at a discount.

How much money can I save by buying a refurbished cell signal booster?

−$100.00 (25%)
−$100.00 (25%)
−$150.00 (27%)
−$300.00 (33%)
−$300.00 (27%)

Prices may vary, depending on sales and promotions. See each booster model for current pricing.

Why are refurbished signal boosters returned by the original owners?

There are three main reasons cell signal boosters are returned:

  1. Installation required. Cell signal booster systems include antennas and coax cable that need to be installed in your home. Some buyers are not fully aware of this before they purchase a booster system. These kinds of kits are frequently opened and returned immediately under the manufacturer’s return policy, often without even being taken out of the box.
  2. Not enough power. Some buyers purchase signal boosters that don’t have enough power to amplify signal across the entire area they’re expected to cover. The buyer needed a more powerful booster. These systems are often installed and sent back within the return policy window.
  3. Unusable cell signal. Cell signal boosters amplify available cell signal. If there is not enough cell signal to amplify, the signal booster can’t improve the customer’s ability to send and receive phone calls, texts, and data. These have also frequently been installed and returned immediately.

Do refurbished boosters include units that have been repaired?

Cell phone signal boosters are rarely defective, and it’s not cost-effective to repair the few that aren’t working properly. Non-working amplifiers are usually discarded by the manufacturer.

Are refurbished signal boosters tested?

Returned boosters are powered on and checked against a cell signal meter to confirm they are performing properly before being repackaged as refurbished units.

Are the antennas and coax cable in a refurbished booster kit new or used?

Antennas and other accessories returned with the booster are repackaged if they are not damaged or defective. Cables are checked for kinks, crushed areas, and slices. Damaged accessories are replaced with new or like-new items. Repackaged components may have minor scuffing or light scratches, neither of which affect their performance.

How are refurbished cell signal boosters packaged?

Refurbished booster kits are often repackaged in new, plain boxes and shipping cartons. They are usually not sold in the original consumer shelf packaging with outside logos and product information.

Are refurbished cell phone boosters returnable and covered under warranty?

Refurbished boosters sold by Powerful Signal have a 90-day return period from date of original purchase and are covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Which manufacturers sell refurbished cell signal boosters?

Powerful Signal carries refurbished cell signal boosters from weBoost and HiBoost, two of the leading manufacturers in the cellular repeater industry.