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What technologies can improve cell signal reception in my home?

A cell phone signal booster is often the best choice for improving cell signal strength in your home.

A cell signal booster includes an outside antenna that receives cell signal from the tower, a booster unit that amplifies the signal, and one or more inside antennas that broadcast the improved signal to cellular phones inside your home. The booster connects to the antennas with coaxial cable, similar to the type used to connect televisions to cable and satellite TV systems.

Home cell phone signal boosters are sold based on how much coverage (power) they provide. Systems are available for as low as $399 (if you need to cover only a few rooms or small home) to over $1,000 (if you need to cover an entire large home). These systems work with almost all cellular carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and others.