RFI Folding Bull Bar Mount for OTR Antennas (Top, Upright) | TS432702

RFI Folding Bull Bar Mount for OTR Antennas

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  • Stainless steel mount for antennas on OTR trucks, RVs & adventure vans
  • Folds down quickly & easily for low-clearance areas or vehicle storage
  • Mounts to 5⁄8″ (16 mm) holes
  • 2⁵⁄₁₆″ stainless steel 3-way mount included
  • Works with RFI whip antennas

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Product Description

Features of the RFI bull bar folding antenna mount

  • Easily folds down tall antennas on OTR trucks, RVs, and adventure vans for low clearance, travel, or vehicle storage.
  • Locks in one of four positions with a sturdy, spring-loaded pin: 0° (vertical), 33°, 67°, or 90° (horizontal)
  • Manufactured from SAE 304-grade stainless steel with a black chrome finish.
  • Threaded bolt attaches to 2 5⁄16″ stainless steel 3‑way mount (included).
  • Bull bar folding antenna mount box dimensions: 3​3⁄8″ ʜ × 1​3⁄16″ ᴡ × 2​1⁄8″ ᴅ (85 mm × 46 mm × 54 mm).
  • Assembly dimensions (with threaded bolt, spring-loaded pin & hinge): 4​3⁄8″ ʜ × 2​13⁄16″ ᴡ × 2​1⁄8″ ᴅ (111 mm × 71 mm × 54 mm).
RFI Folding Bull Bar Mount FBBM-B locking positions with RFI 26-Inch Whip Antenna CD7194-B RFI’s bull bar folding antenna mount with an RFI 26″ whip antenna. The mount includes a stainless steel 3-way bracket that attaches to rails. (Click to enlarge.)

The RFI bull bar folding antenna mount works with these antennas (sold separately):

RFI bull bar folding antenna mount contents

RFI Folding Bull Bar Mount for OTR Antennas TS432702 icon RFI bull bar antenna mount w/nut & washers TS432702
Stainless Steel Rail Mount for RFI Folding Bull Bar Antenna Mount TS432111 icon Stainless steel 3‑way mount TS432111

Product Specifications

Commercial truck/pickup truck/SUV/marine
Mount Type:

Warranty Information

RFI products have a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship; see RFI Americas full warranty statement (PDF). This antenna is also covered by Top Signal’s 90-day warranty.

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