OTR/Pickup Cel-Fi GO G32 65 dB Cell Signal Booster with 38-Inch High-Gain Whip Antenna | Top Signal Series | TS551012

OTR/Pickup Cel-Fi GO G32 65 dB Cell Signal Booster with 38-Inch High-Gain Whip Antenna | Top Signal Series

Most powerful booster for OTR & pickup trucks | FREE shipping
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  • Strongest gain OTR/truck booster available—up to +65 dB
  • High-gain whip antenna with quick-release mount
  • Works on Verizon, AT&T, T‑Mobile, Sprint, UScellular, GCI Alaska networks
  • Improves signal for multiple phones using the same carrier

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Product Description

Features of the Cel-Fi GO G32 OTR high‑gain antenna system

  • Combines the most powerful consumer cell signal booster with a high-gain whip antenna for the best possible signal on the road.
  • The Cel-Fi GO G32 booster provides up to 65 dB of signal gain, over 30 times the gain of competing mobile boosters.
  • Boosts one carrier at a time for multiple users simultaneously. The Cel-Fi GO G32 booster amplifies your choice of Verizon (5G/4G), AT&T, T‑Mobile, Sprint, UScellular, or GCI Alaska (5G/4G/3G). (Learn more about 5G compatibility.)
  • RFI’s 38.2″ (90.7 cm) fiberglass OTR antenna includes 16.4′ (5.0 m) of RG58 coax cable and a quick-release feature for easy, fast setup and takedown. (Learn more.)
  • This complete kit features your choice of three mounting options for the RFI antenna. (See photo gallery, below.)
  • Standard: The 2½″ rail mount secures to rails and brackets.
  • Optional upgrade #1: The fold-down “bull bar” mount lays the antenna flat instantly with a spring‑loaded pin.
  • Optional upgrade #2: The MagMAX 3X magnet mount firmly attaches to steel roofs.
  • The Cel-Fi GO G32 booster is NEMA 4 rated for protection against dirt and dust, rain, snow, splashing water, and other hazards. It’s an excellent solution for vehicles that operate in harsh or wet environments.
  • Configure and monitor your booster with the Cel‑Fi WAVE app for smartphones.

The Cel-Fi GO G32 mobile cell signal booster provides maximum gain for the carrier of your choice (Verizon, AT&T, T‑Mobile, Sprint, UScellular, or GCI Alaska). The GO G32 also has more downlink power than any other mobile booster for the greatest amount of coverage area inside your truck or other vehicle.

The 38″ RFI Q-Fit® OTR antenna provides 4.5 to 6.5 dBi of signal gain, sending stronger signal to the Cel-Fi GO G32 booster so you can stay connected, experience fewer dropped calls and missed messages, and have more reliable access to navigation and entertainment apps on your smartphone.

LTE Vehicle Antenna RFI Quick-Release 38-Inch Whip 6.5 dBi 698–2700 MHz TS210701 quick-release connector The whip antenna includes a threaded quick-release that allows you to remove and reattach it in seconds. (Click to enlarge.)

Who is the Cel-Fi GO G32 OTR high‑gain antenna system for?

  • OTR truckers and drivers of other CMVs.
  • Off-road recreational drivers.
  • Drivers who live or work in rural and remote areas, where available cell signal is weak.
  • Field service technicians (oil, gas, agriculture, etc.).
  • Government agencies (Forest Service, executive and legislative staff, military, etc.).
  • Emergency responders (police, sheriff, fire, EMT, etc.).
  • Vehicles that operate in wet, dusty, or other severe conditions.
  • Vehicles that need improved coverage for only one specific cellular carrier.

Do-it-yourself installation

Installing the Cel-Fi GO G32 high‑gain antenna system does not require professional help; you can do it yourself in about 30 minutes.

  • If you use the 2½″ mount or bull bar mount: Attach the mount to a rail or bracket in a location that will provide the whip antenna with the clearest 360° field of view.
  • If you use the optional MagMAX 3X mount: Secure this mount to a steel surface with a flat edge facing forward, into the wind stream. (See this photo.) Do not mount it with a pointed end facing forward. The whip antenna should have the clearest 360° field of view possible.
  • Thread the cable connected to the whip antenna’s spring mount through the hole on the rail or MagMAX 3X mount. Secure the spring mount to the rail or MagMAX mount from the bottom with the jam nut (included).
  • Run the RG58 coax cable inside to the booster unit. If you run the cable through a door, thread it through and behind the doorway’s weatherstripping. Securing the cable where needed to keep it from flailing in the wind. Use the FME-male/SMA-male adapter (included) to complete the connection to the booster.
  • Adhere the server (inside) antenna as close as possible to where you keep your phone while driving. For example, if you dock your phone in a cradle on the dashboard, the server antenna should be mounted to the dashboard right behind the cradle. (The closer the server antenna is to the phone, the more likely you are to receive improved signal when outside reception is very weak.)
  • Run the RG174 coax cable from the server antenna to the booster.
  • Plug in the booster using the DC power supply cables.
  • Use the Cel‑Fi WAVE smartphone app to check your signal strength, boost level, and antenna separation.
Cel-Fi GO G32 OTR Trucker Cell Signal Booster with High-Gain RFI Whip Antenna G32-2/4/5/12/13MK setup diagram Typical setup of the Cel-Fi GO G32 OTR (click to enlarge)

Get more features with the Cel-Fi WAVE app

The Cel-Fi WAVE app for smartphones lets you check your Cel-Fi GO G32 booster’s status and change its settings:

  • Dashboard: An overview of the state of your Cel-Fi GO G32 booster system, including the outside signal strength and quality and the boost strength.
  • Settings: Change the default carrier, update your booster’s software, and more.
  • Advanced: Check your antenna separation and get detailed technical information for troubleshooting.

Cel-Fi GO G32 high‑gain antenna system contents

This is a complete kit, with everything you need to start getting the best signal in your vehicle.

All kits include these components:

Cel-Fi GO G32 G32-2/4/5/12/13M booster icon Cel-Fi GO G32 Mobile Smart Signal Booster®
Cel-Fi GO G32 12-volt power supply icon 12V DC vehicle power supply 290N035‑004
LTE Vehicle Antenna RFI Quick-Release 38-Inch Whip 6.5 dBi 698–2700 MHz TS210701 fiberglass whip antenna icon RFI 38″ black fiberglass whip antenna
LTE Vehicle Antenna RFI Quick-Release 38-Inch Whip 6.5 dBi 698–2700 MHz TS210701 spring mount & RG58 coax cable icon Spring mount with 16.4′ black RG58 coax cable
Top Signal TS451019 FME-Female to SMA-Female Connector icon FME‑male to SMA‑male connector TS451019
Cel-Fi GO G32 mobile patch antenna A41-V30-100 icon Adhesive-mount server antenna with 13.1′ RG174 coax cable A41‑V30‑100
Cel-Fi GO G32 mobile mag mount donor antenna A41-V21-100 icon Mag-mount donor antenna with 9.8′ LEONI Dacar® 302 coax cable A41‑V21‑100
use RFI antenna instead
Cel-Fi GO G32 G32-2/4/5/12/13M quick start guide icon Cel-Fi GO G32 quick start guide

The standard kit includes:

Top Signal 2-1/2-Inch OTR Trucker Antenna Mount TS432110 icon 2½″ rail antenna mount w/hardware TS432110

The bull bar kit includes:

RFI Folding Bull Bar Mount for OTR Antennas TS432702 icon RFI bull bar antenna mount w/nut & washers TS432702
Stainless Steel Rail Mount for RFI Folding Bull Bar Antenna Mount TS432111 icon Stainless steel rail mount TS432111

The MagMAX 3X kit includes:

Top Signal MagMAX 3X OTR Trucker Magnetic Antenna Mount TS432011 icon Top Signal MagMAX 3X antenna mount TS432011

How it works

Using Nextivity’s IntelliBoost signal processing, the Cel-Fi GO G32 receives the outside cell signal, amplifies it, and rebroadcasts it inside your vehicle, allowing you to travel farther from cell towers and still stay connected.

Works with most major cellular carriers

This Cel-Fi GO G32 M Smart Signal Booster system works with Verizon 5G/4G LTE cellular bands and AT&T, T‑Mobile, Sprint, UScellular, and GCI Alaska 5G/4G LTE/3G cellular bands. It does not work with other cellular networks, and it does not boost Verizon 3G.

The Cel-Fi GO G32 M operates on two cellular bands simultaneously from a single carrier. It will support only one carrier at a time.

Not sure which bands your phone uses? Contact us—our technical support reps will be happy to help you!

Carrier logos for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, UScellular, GCI Alaska

FCC notice

For information on federal rules governing the use of consumer cell signal boosters, please see our FCC notice page.

Prop 65 notice

Caution triangle icon Warning This product can expose you to chemicals, including nickel, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Bisphenol A, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Product Specifications

Commercial truck/pickup truck/service truck
Outside Antenna:
Omnidirectional rail-mount whip (×1) + omnidirectional magnet-mount monopole (×1)
Inside Antenna:
Omnidirectional low-profile (×1)
Cable Type:
RG58 / RG174 / LEONI Dacar® 302
Connector Type:
50 Ω
+65 dB max (mobile)
Max Output Power (Uplink):
20 22 dBm
Max Output Power (Downlink):
10 dBm per 5 MHz
Booster Case Material:
Metal; NEMA-4 rated
Signal Readout:
LED light & smartphone app

Warranty Information

For warranty information on this product, please see our Cel-Fi warranty information page.

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