Poynting 4×4 MIMO XPOL-24-5G 5G/LTE Directional Antenna for WiFi Routers & Hotspots 617–4200 MHz N-Female Connectors | XPOL-24-V1-02 | TS221124

Poynting 4×4 MIMO XPOL-24-5G 5G/LTE Directional Antenna for WiFi Routers & Hotspots 617–4200 MHz N-Female Connectors

For cellular routers, modems, and hotspots
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  • For use with cellular–WiFi routers with 4 × cellular ports
  • Wideband X-polarized 4×4 MIMO outdoor panel antenna
  • 8.5–11 dBi gain over 617–4200 MHz 5G & 4G frequencies
  • 4 × N-female connectors; optional add‑on 400 coax cable with adapters for SMA, TS9 & U.fl ports
  • Mounting bracket & hardware included; attaches to a wall or a 1¼″–2″ pole (optional add‑on)

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Product Description

Connects to a 4×4 cellular–WiFi router, hotspot, or modem. Does not connect to a cell signal booster.

Features of the Poynting XPOL-24 4×4 MIMO antenna

  • 17.5″ × 11.4″ × 4.33″ (44.4 × 29.0 × 11.0 cm) directional outdoor building antenna.
  • Connects to 4 cellular ports on a cellular–WiFi router, modem, or hotspot. (Cables not included; add‑on cables available above.)
  • Four N‑female connectors on the bottom of the antenna support low‑loss 400-type and other 50‑ohm coax cables.
  • Optional add‑on four TS‑400 coax cables available in three lengths (20′, 30′, and 50′) with SMA, TS9, and U.fl/MHF adapters to complete the connection to your router.
  • Enclosure contains four cross-polarized antennas for superior signal strength and quality. Poynting’s patent-pending radiator configuration provides:
  • 8.5 dBi gain on 617–960 MHz 5G and 4G/LTE frequencies.
  • 8.5 dBi gain on 1710‑2700 MHz 5G, 4G/LTE, and WiFi frequencies.
  • 11 dBi gain on 3400–4200 MHz 5G frequencies.
  • Enclosure is IP 65-ratedexternal link icon for protection against water and dust and ASTM B117external link icon-tested for resistance to corrosion due to salt spray.
  • Mounts upright on a wall or to a pole 1.5″–2.0″ in diameter. (Mounting bracket and hardware included; pole available as an optional add‑on.)
  • 50‑ohm impedance.
  • 2‑year warranty.

Works with the Cradlepoint E320 5G enterprise router for T-Mobile service

Cradlepoint E300 Series Enterprise Router

Includes connectors for the router’s 4 SMA ports

What’s a MIMO antenna?

A MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) antenna sends and receives signal through two or more simultaneous data streams, providing better signal strength and quality than SISO (single input, single output) antennas.

An LTE/5G 4×4 MIMO antenna may be the right solution for you if:

  • You need to improve signal reception on a router, hotspot, or modem that converts cellular signal to WiFi.
  • Your router or other device has two SMA, TS9, or U.fl/MHF ports.
  • The outdoor signal at your location is fair or moderate.
  • You need faster download speeds for streaming videos and downloading files.
  • You need improved signal for cellular frequencies that aren’t amplified by cell signal boosters (like band 71 and 5G bands between 2300 and 4200 MHz).

For needs other than these, a cell signal booster may be a better option. If you have any questions about which option is right for you, please feel free to contact Powerful Signal—we’ll be happy to help you!

Poynting XPOL-24 4×4 MIMO antenna contents

Poynting 4x4 MIMO Outdoor Panel Antenna with 4 x N-Female Connectors XPOL-24-V1-02 TS221124 icon Panel antenna w/4 N-female connectors A-XPOL-0024
Poynting BRKT-062 Mounting Bracket for XPOL-24 4x4 MIMO Outdoor Panel Antenna icon Antenna mounting bracket w/U-bolts & hardware BRKT-062
Poynting 4x4 MIMO Outdoor Panel Antenna User Guide icon Poynting XPOL-24 user guide
Top Signal 38-Inch Adjustable Building Antenna Mount TS430002 icon Optional add‑on
38″ adjustable building mount w/lag screws TS430002

Optional add‑on TS‑400 coax cable sets:

Top Signal TS-400 Coax with N-Male Connectors TS3400x0 icon TS‑400 coax 20′, 30′ or 50′ TS3400x0 (×4)
Top Signal RG58 2-Foot Jumper Cable N-Female/SMA-Male TS386002 icon 2′ RG58 jumper cable N‑female/​SMA‑male TS386002 (×4)
Top Signal TS451040 SMA-Female to TS9-Male Connector icon SMA‑female to TS9‑male adapter TS451040 (×4)
Top Signal TS392006 SMA-Female to U.fl/MHF 6-Inch Jumper Cable icon 6″ SMA‑female to U.fl/MHF jumper cable TS392006 (×4)

Product Specifications

Connector Type:
N-female (optional adapters for SMA, TS9 & U.fl/MHF)
Cable Type:
None (optional 400 coax add‑on)
Antenna Type:
Outside directional
Antenna Size:
17.5 × 11.4 × 4.33 in. (444 × 290 × 110 mm)
Mount Type:
Mount Spec:
Attaches to walls or to 1.5–2.0″-diameter poles
50 Ω
Gain 617–960 MHz:
+8.5 dBi
Gain 1710–2700 MHz:
+8.5 dBi
Gain 3400–4200 MHz:
+11.0 dBi

Warranty Information

For warranty information on this product, please see our Poynting warranty information page.

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