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Wilson 801245 AG SOHO 60 Com-Center Kit

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Wilson 801245 SOHO RV Kit
Wilson 801245 SOHO RV KitWilson 801245 SOHO dual-band amplifierWilson 301133 RV AntennaWilson 301101 Trucker AntennaTop Signal Panel Antenna240 Coax with FME-Female and N-Male ConnectorsWilson 901104 3-way mount
Connector: FME-Male
Gain: 60dB
Group: Mobile Kit
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

Product Options

Product Discontinued

Wilson 801245 AG SOHO 60 Com-Center Kit

The SOHO Com-Center Kit is designed to improve cell phone and data signals in mobile command centers, RVs and Trailers.  Using the new Wilson 801245 60dB AG SOHO 60 amplifier, this system allows multiple users and data terminals in a room to operate in low coverage areas.  Adjustable gain control allows the system to be easily set up and configured depending upon the current environment.  Each frequency, 800MHz and 1900Mhz can individually be controlled.

Product Description

This kit has been specifically designed for small and simple implementations that do not require long coax runs.  Interior and exterior antennas should be separated a minimum of 20-30 feet to avoid oscillation between antennas.
The Wilson 801245 AG SOHO 60 amplifier used in this system is compatible with all 800MHz and 1900MHz carriers except Nextel/iDEN.  This small room 60dB system improves both voice and data cellular communications in your job-site trailer, RV, or motorhome when parked.  The amplifier is not designed to be operational during movement.
Wilson 801245 AG SOHO 60

Outside Antenna Options

The SOHO Com-Center Kit comes with your choice of outside antenna.  The Wilson 301101 32" Trucker antenna comes with 12' of RG58 coax attached to it.  The Wilson 301130 21" spring mounted RV antenna has 13.5' of RG58 coax attached.  Both antennas have the same 5dB gain performance.
The Wilson 901104 3-way mount comes with either antenna.  This mount allows mounting on a ladder or side of the RV.  Both antennas can use conventional CB mounts.
  Wilson 301130 RV antenna        Wilson 301101 Trucker Antenna
Wilson 301130 RV and 301101 Trucker

Inside Antenna

The wall mount panel is recommended for RV's.  The panel is directional, and signal can be directed away from the outside antenna to help reduce the chance of oscillation.  Also, the wall mount panel is easier to place and mount within the RV.
Wall Mount Panel Antenna 
Wall Mount Panel

240 Coax Cable

This system uses 240 coax.  You have a choice of lengths; 20' or 30'.  This type of coax is excellent for short runs and easy to work with. 
240 coax is just slightly bigger than conventional cable TV coax.  It is fairly flexible and easy to run in tight spaces.
240 coax cable

Kit Contents

  1. Wilson 801245 dual-band AGSOHO 60 amplifier
  2. Wall plug power supply
  3. Choice of outside antenna: 301133 RV or 301101 Trucker
  4. Inside antenna: Wall Panel
  5. Choice of 240 coax length: 20' or 30'
  6. Wilson 901104 3-way mount for outside antenna

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Staying Connected in a Mobile World

Powerful Signal includes the following as information that may be of interest for individuals in a mobile environment.  The information provided in this section has been compiled by other individuals and companies.  We hope you enjoy the info.  Powerful Signal has helped supply Chris and his friends with cell signal amplification solutions.
When your life is on the road and staying connected is a necessity, a weak cell signal is not an option.  Technomadia is just such a group.  Here is some information that they have compiled about cellular connectivity in their environment and the equipment they use.

Technomad: Technology enabled nomad

Chris and Cheri of Technomadia live and work fulltime on the.  They are not on vacation or retired.  This is their life.  Cheri manages custom software develoment projects in the healthcare industry, while Chris works on mobile phone applications on the iPhone platform along with other consulting assigments.
"Coverage?" an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch application
from Technomadia, provides an at-a-glance "universal coverage map by interactively overlaying the coverage maps from the four major nationwide US cellular providers.