Home Cellular Solutions

Homes are having more and more cellular issues with the advent of smartphones and tablet PCs with cellular aircards.  There are many types of building materials that cause issues with cellular signal penetrating into homes.  Metal roofs and foil vapor barriers in the attic put a metalic canopy on the home weakening cell signals.  Other materials like stucco with its wire mesh and hardie board siding made from concrete also inhibit cell signals.
We are now very dependent upon our cell phones and the information they carry.  Our lives and email systems revolve around these devices.  Let Powerful Signal put a strong cell signal inside your home to eliminate dropped calls and missed emails.

There are many types of cellular systems for homes.  They range in size and price. Small desktop systems can create a small desktop hot spot for cell signal to allow you to conduct business in your home office.  Other larger systems can cover one or more rooms all the way up to covering the entire home.
Powerful Signal has a wide range of home cellular options; desktops kits, room kits, multi-room kits, and entire home systems.  Our professional sales and technical support staff will assist you with selectiong the right system for your needs.