Top Signal RF Explorer Signal Meter TS420001

Top Signal RF Explorer Signal Meter TS420001

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  • Detect strength, distance, direction of existing cell signals
  • Detects 15 MHz–2700 MHz frequency range

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Powerful Signal has been in business over 10 years Powerful Signal is Wilson Electronics' most experienced partner Powerful Signal offers lifetime support on all systems it sells Powerful Signal offers nationwide installation

Product Description

Product features

  • Detects cellular signal strength and direction.
  • Works indoors and outdoors.
  • Detects frequencies from 15 MHz to 2700 MHz (2.7 GHz), including cellular and WiFi. (See More Information for additional bands.)
  • Two SMA-female connectors attach to telescoping and whip external antennas (included) or to any antenna or cable with SMA-male connectors.
  • Solid aluminum case.
  • 128×64 backlit LCD screen with excellent indoor and outdoor visibility.
  • Mini-USB 2.0 connector (female) recharges built-in battery, connects to a PC for extra functionality. (Micro-USB cable not included.)

Product use

  • Designed for professional installers to detect signal strength and distance when installing and troubleshooting WilsonPro and weBoost cell phone signal booster systems.

Product includes

  • 1 × RF Explorer signal meter.
  • 1 × Nagoya NA-773 wideband telescoping antenna (for < 1000 MHz frequencies).
  • 1 × whip helical antenna (for > 1000 MHz frequencies).
  • 1 × hard-sided case (black).

Product notes

  • Defective units may be returned for warranty exchange only. Working units may not be returned for cash or credit.

Popular frequencies detected by the RF Explorer signal meter

This list includes common, well-known frequencies that can be surveyed with the RF Explorer signal meter. For a complete list of allocated frequencies between 15 MHz and 2700 MHz, please consult this index.

Frequency range
Allocated to
26.96–27.41 MHz
Citizens band (CB) radio
40 MHz
Garage door openers, alarm systems
40–50, 900 MHz
Cordless home phones
49 MHz
Baby monitors
50–54, 144–148, 216–220, 222–225 420–450, 902–928,
1240–1300, 2300–2310, 2390–2450 MHz
Amateur (ham) radio
54–88, 174–216 MHz
VHF television (channels 2–6, 7–13)
88–108 MHz
FM radio
108–117.975, 1559–1610 MHz
Global Positioning System (GPS)
Family band radio
470–698 MHz
UHF television (channels 14–51)
699–787 MHz
Cellular (SMH blocks)
814–894 MHz
Cellular (CLR blocks)
1710–1755, 2110–2155 MHz
Cellular (AWS blocks)
1850–1995 MHz
Cellular (PCS blocks)
2305–2315, 2350–2360 MHz
Cellular (WCS blocks, "WiMax")
2400–2484 MHz
WiFi (802.11b/g/n), Bluetooth, older cordless home phones
2496–2690 MHz
Cellular (BRS/EBS)

Product Specifications

50 Ω
Connector Type:
SMA-female (×2)
Frequency Range:
15 MHz–2700 MHz
Frequency Span:
112 kHz–600 MHz
Amplitude Resolution:
0.5 dBm
Dynamic Range (Left SMA Port):
−115 dBm–0 dBm
Dynamic Range (Right SMA Port):
−110 dBm–−10 dBm
Max Input Power (Left SMA Port):
+5 dBm
Max Input Power (Right SMA Port):
+30 dBm
Average Noise Level (Typical):
−110 dBm
Frequency Stability & Accuracy (Typical):
±10 ppm
Amplitude Stability & Accuracy (Typical):
±6 dBm
Frequency Resolution:
1 kHz
Resolution Bandwidth (RBW):
3 kHz–600 kHz (automatic)

Warranty Information

Top Signal accessories are warranted for ninety (90) days against defects in workmanship and/or materials. Warranty cases may be resolved by calling Powerful Signal at 866‑912‑3444.

This warranty does not apply to any accessories or components determined by Powerful Signal to have been subjected to misuse, abuse, neglect, or mishandling that alters or damages physical or electronic properties.

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