What type of marine cellular repeater do I need for my boat?

Posted by Powerful Signal on Mar 6th 2018

Houseboats on Lake Powell, Arizona
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Whether you’re spending vacation time out on the lake or your boat is your business, you need to stay connected. Powerful Signal offers a wide selection of cell signal booster solutions that fix poor cellular reception on boats, yachts, and working vessels.

A cell signal booster will improve your reception in areas where cellular service is poor. Boats on lakes and rivers will especially benefit from a booster system, and ocean-going vessels will see improved service if they are close to shore. Remote waterways and the open sea, however, are unlikely to have enough existing signal to amplify.

One place where a cellular repeater shines is in port or at the marina. When your boat or ship is docked, you’ll have access to local cell towers, where your booster system can improve the voice and data signal on your vessel.

Before buying a cell signal booster for your vessel, first consider the following:

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