Six Reasons to Choose the Cel-Fi GO G32 Cellular Booster

Posted by Kevin Taylor on Jun 29th 2020

Cel-Fi GO Plus by Nextivity

1. The most powerful home booster, with 100 dB of gain

Nextivity, manufacturer of the Cel-Fi GO X, has received approval from six major cellular carriers to sell the only consumer-rated cell signal booster that operates at a maximum 100 dB gain. Boosters from other manufacturers are limited to a maximum gain of 72 dB, significantly less the GO G32. The GO G32’s additional gain provides much stronger signal and much larger area of signal coverage in a home or small office.

(To learn more about signal gain and how it’s measured, see our Cell Signal Strength web page.)

2. The most powerful vehicle booster, with 65 dB of gain

Not only is the Cel-Fi GO the most powerful home cell signal booster, but it can also be switched into mobile mode for vehicle use. In mobile mode, the booster has a maximum gain of 65 dB, about thirty times the gain of other manufacturers’ 50 dB gain boosters. Switching between mobile and stationary mode is done via the Cel-Fi WAVE smartphone app for iPhone and Android devices.

You’ll need a different set of antennas to use the GO booster in a vehicle. You can purchase those separately (contact us for the right parts), or you can purchase the GO M version of the booster for cars and trucks, for RVs and fifth-wheels, or for boats and ships.

3. Intelligent cellular frequency analysis

The Cel-Fi GO G32’s on-board software boosts the best signal from bands of cellular frequency your carrier broadcasts.

During the power-up cycle, the GO G32 booster scans the available bands, analyzes them, and chooses the two highest-quality channels of frequency available. This gives you the strongest signal and also reduces noise from other carriers operating on nearby towers.

4. Advanced echo cancellation prevents oscillation

Nextivity’s Advanced Echo Cancellation transmits more power without oscillation (feedback) between the outside donor antenna and the inside broadcast antenna.

All signal boosters require that the outside and outside antennas have vertical separation—typically twenty feet or more—or that the antennas be shielded from each other by metal. The GO G32 will operate best with adequate antenna separation, but it’s much less sensitive than other boosters to antennas that are closer to each other. Because of this feature, the GO G32 booster is an excellent choice for apartments, small homes, and RVs.

5. Instant carrier-switching with the WAVE smartphone app

The Cel-Fi GO G32 is a single-carrier amplifier, supporting your choice of Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, UScellular, or GCI Alaska.

If you need to change the carrier your GO G32 boosts, you can switch quickly and easily using the Cel-Fi WAVE smartphone app (mentioned above).

6. Bluetooth configuration and device management

The Cel-Fi WAVE smartphone application connects to the GO G32 booster via Bluetooth and provides a sophisticated user interface to the booster’s settings. Along with a dashboard view of the overall strength of your signal, the app allows you to choose which carrier (operator) is boosted, choose which cellular bands and channels the booster will scan for, and view current device performance and indicators.

Powerful Signal’s choice for the highest gain and most flexibility

We enthusiastically recommend the Cel-Fi GO G32 for its high gain, its ability to work in both large and small spaces, and its intelligent on-board software.

For more information about how the Cel-Fi GO G32 can improve signal in your home or vehicle, take a look at our product line of GO boosters for home or mobile use, or give us a call at 435-634-6800.