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Bring a strong cell signal into your home.  Keep your digital lifestyle running fast and strong.  4G cell signal boosters can improve your data speeds and quality along with reducing dropped calls. 
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Wilson - weBoost - SureCall

In this day and age home phone service is becoming a thing of the past as more people give up their land lines to rely entirely on cell phones. It's a great idea but what if you lose reliability of service? With Powerful Signal, dropped cell phone calls and spotty service in you home is a thing of the past too.

Wherever you live--cottage in the woods, midtown apartment, suburban home, country estate--we have cellular amplification systems designed to give you usable cellular signal strength.

Call us and one of our friendly knowledgeable people will work with you to ensure you get the right system at the right price. We'll pack and ship your order direct from our in-house stock of top quality FCC certified components along with easy to follow installation instructions. You'll be able to talk, text, and surf to you heart's content from every corner of your house.

We are Powerful Signal. People you can count on to understand and resolve cellular signal problems.

Powerful Signal carries a complete line of Wilson amplifier cell phone boosters, SureCall cellular boosters, and Top Signal cell signal boosters to improve both voice and data signal strength.

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Note: Coverage areas vary depending upon carrier frequency, length of coax and signal strength outside the home.  Contact Powerful Signal if you have any questions.  With a few pieces of information and a couple of minutes of your time, we can help you choose the cell phone signal booster that best fits your home.