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Cellular solutions for education

High 'TECH' Specifications

Students today are tech driven and savvy.  Familiarity with the latest smartphones and tablets is only the start.  Their lives revolve around social networking.  The information they need streams continually through digital devices.  They are uber-connected and accept no compromise to their ability to talk, text, share data, videos and pictures, and to learn.  Faculty and staff are rapidly evolving in the same fashion.  A strong and reliable cellular signal, available in every room of every building is a must on college campuses.

It's a Basic Problem...

Given the design and architecture of school buildings and, in many instances, the sheer size of the campus, this demand for constant connectivity may be hard to satisfy.  Concrete and steel materials used in the construction of commercial buildings diminish and deaden cell signals regardless of the devices in use, or their proximity to outside towers.

...With a Straightforward Solution

At Powerful Signal Business Solutions we provide cell phone booster distributed antenna systems (DAS) that ensure a strong, vibrant cellular signal is available throughout campus buildings.  In lecture halls, theaters, and auditoriums, offices, dorms, a properly conceived and implemented system will banish weak and/or spotty data and voice service forever.  We work closely with you to understand the full scope of your problem then design an enterprise system that is modular and scalable to the specifics of the issues you are experiencing.  We utilize non-proprietary FCC-certified components to deliver an optimum solution that is cost effective and fully functional in the timeline you need.

We've Always Received Straight A's

Drawing on our extensive knowledge and experience Powerful Signal Business Solutions has provided customized and workable cell phone booster distributed antenna system to many satisfied educational institutions across the country, improving the educational and social experience as well as on-campus safety for their students, faculty, visitors and staff.  No matter who you are, a university, college, high school, or grade school, we're confident we'll deliver the right system specific to your requirements on budget and on time.
Clear, Strong data and voice, wherever, whenever.  That's Powerful Signal Business Solutions.

Projects - University & College Building Systems

Powerful Signal Business Solutions has designed cellular booster solutions for many universities, colleges, high schools, and other education facilities.  Below is a partial list of projects Powerful Signal Business Solutions has completed for this type of environment.  Powerful Signal respects the privacy of our customers and does not publish their names.
Community College - 5 Buildings - 93,847 sf
A community college had problems in 5 of their campus buildings.  Powerful Signal designed 5 separate systems to handle the job.  Each system covered a single floor with a total of 93,847 square feet for all buildings combined.  Gym-22,425 sf, Other 4 buildings: 16,900 sf, 24,336 sf, 15,252 sf, and 14,934 sf.
University in Texas - 7+ Systems
A major university in Texas has purchased more than 8 different systems from Powerful Signal over the past several years.  These systems have been used in multiple buildings including the library, basement areas, etc.  The university uses Powerful Signal's modularity and scalability options to roll out solutions based upon the university's needs, priorities, budget, and schedule.
University in Oregon - 40,000 sf
A university in Oregon had Powerful Signal design a system for 2 floors in a building covering around 40,000 square feet.