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Welcome to the Powerful Signal Resource Center where we have compiled articles about the cell signal booster industry and related products.  Learn what cell signal boosters are and what they can do for you in your home, office, and vehicle.

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If you have a large home, two dome antennas located in different areas of your home may provide better cell phone coverage.

Which type of antenna should be used and what are the characteristics of these antennas?
Will the window mount Wilson weBoost EQO work for me in my home?  Find out how the EQO works and if it is the right choice to fix your cell signal problem.
Wilson Electronics now offers a professional grade 4G cell phone booster designed especially for he business world. The WilsonPro 70 Plus has an extremely low cost per square foot for coverage.
Whether on business or vacation, strong connectivity is a must in your hotel.  What happens when we cannot connect in hotels, motels, or other leisure locations.

An informative document that discusses how a cellular network works and how cell signal boosters are used to improve cell signals in our everyday life.

There are several reasons that you may need a cell signal booster.  This article explores the different reasons you may benefit from having a cell signal booster in your home, office or vehicle.

A comparison chart of various cell signal boosters.  Quickly see the main differences between different models of cell signal boosters.

Register Cell Signal Booster with Your Carrier
New FCC rules require cell signal boosters to be registered with your carrier.  This article has links to the different carrier registration pages on their websites.

FCC Registration of Cell Signal Boosters
This document talks about the new FCC registration of cell signal boosters along with the type of boosters that need to be registered and the reasons behind registering cell signal boosters.

Cell Signal Strength
What really is your cell signal strength and how you should interpret the different signal strength indicators on your cell phone?  What do the bars mean that appear at the top of your cell phone screen?  Get answers to these and other questions in this resource article.

Cell Phone Signal Readings
The new smartphones allow you to easily display a more accurate -dBm cell signal reading.  Find out how to view this information on an Android or iPhone smartphone.  Know your real signal strength.  Bars won't tell you the whole story.



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Below are links to more in-depth information on various products Powerful Signal offers.  Check back occasionally for new information about cellular amplifiers, and other components used to improve cell signal strength and coverage.