Wilson 311130 4G/3G 21-Inch Marine Mount Antenna with SMA-Male Connector

Wilson 4G 21-Inch Marine Mount Antenna SMA-Male 311130

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  • 4G outside antenna for boats, vessels
  • For 50 Ohm signal booster systems
  • Marine antenna mount (not included) attaches to horizontal surfaces
  • Includes 7 inches of RG58 coax cable


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Product Description

This product has been discontinued. For a replacement, please see the Wilson 304420 or Top Signal TS210461 marine antennas.

Wilson 311130 4G/3G 21-Inch Marine Mount Antenna with SMA-Male Connector

Product features

  • 700/800/AWS (1700/2100)/1900 MHz (4G/3G) omindirectional antenna.
  • 21-inch antenna height.
  • Built-in chrome-plated radial ground plane.
  • SMA-male connector.
  • Attaches with standard marine 1-inch × 14 thread mount (not included)
  • 7 inches of RG58 coax cable (attached).
  • Works best with 4G cell phone signal boosters.
  • Assembled in USA.
  • 2-year warranty

Product use

  • Receives outside signal from a cell phone tower and directs it to a cell phone signal booster.
  • For use with boats and vessels.

Product includes

  • 1 × Wilson 311130 antenna with attached RG58 cable.

Please note

  • Marine 1-inch × 14 thread mount not included.

Product note

  • This antenna will not operate by itself; it is one component of a cell signal booster system. Please contact Powerful Signal and we’ll help you determine what your needs are and what system will work best in your situation.

Product Specifications

Connector Type:
Cable Type:
Cable Length:
7 in. (17.8 cm)
Antenna Type:
Outside omnidirectional
Antenna Length:
21 in. (53.3 cm)
Mount Type:
Mount Spec:
1 in. × 14 thread (not included)
50 Ω
Gain 700–800 MHz:
+3.4 dBi
Gain 824–894 MHz:
+4.1 dBi
Gain 880–960 MHz:
+3.5 dBi
Gain 1710–1880 MHz:
+3.1 dBi
Gain 1850–1990 MHz:
+5.1 dBi
Gain 2110–2170 MHz:
+0.2 dBi

Warranty Information

For warranty information on this product, please see our Wilson Electronics warranty information page.

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