Top Signal 3-Way Splitter 600–4000 MHz 50 Ohm N-Female | TS413101

Top Signal 3-Way Splitter 600–4000 MHz 50 Ohm N-Female TS413101

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  • Splits a 50-ohm signal into 3 separate coax runs
  • For use with 50 Ω cable with N-male connectors
  • ≤ −4.8 dB loss

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Product Description

Features of the Top Signal 3‑way 50‑ohm splitter

  • One N‑female input, three N‑female outputs.
  • 600–4000 MHz frequency range.
  • 50 ohm impedance.
  • Attenuates < −4.8 dB.
Top Signal 3-way splitter TS413101 for cell phone signal boosters attenuation diagram The Top Signal 3-way splitter attenuates −4.8 dB to each antenna. (Click to enlarge.)

How the Top Signal 3‑way 50‑ohm splitter is used

  • Splits a single run of coax cable equally into three separate runs to indoor antennas.
  • For in-building use with 50-ohm coax cable with N-male connectors, including 400-type, 240-type, 195-type, and RG58 coax.
  • Also works with half-inch connectors used with half-inch plenum air and foam PE coax.

Top Signal 3‑way 50‑ohm splitter contents

Top Signal TS413101 3-Way Splitter 50 Ohm N-Female icon 3-way 50-ohm splitter TS413101

Please note

  • Because of the signal loss (attenuation) involved, we recommend using a splitter only if you have strong outside signal.
  • Users with weak outside signal should consider purchasing multiple, independent cell phone signal booster systems instead of splitting the signal from a single booster.

Product Specifications

Splits Signal:
3 ways
Input Ports:
Output Ports:
Connector Type:
Cable Type:
50 Ω
Frequency Range:
600–4000 MHz
50 Ω
≤ −4.8 dB per output port

Warranty Information

For warranty information on this product, please see our Top Signal warranty information page.

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