Top Signal 2X HiBoost 4K Smart Link Home Cell Signal Booster 1 Antenna TS542121: Kit

Top Signal 2X HiBoost 4K Smart Link Home Cell Signal Booster 1 Antenna TS542121

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  • Whole-house coverage for average-size homes
  • Premium-grade coax cable
  • Bonus antennas, antenna mount & lightning surge protector
  • Boosts voice, text & 5G/4G/3G data
  • Works on Verizon, AT&T, T‑Mobile, Sprint & other networks
  • Includes Smart Link Bluetooth monitoring capability
Outside Signal Strength
Coverage @ 700 MHz LTE
5 Bars
Up to 8,000 ft²
3 Bars
Up to 5,000 ft²
1 Bar
Up to 1,000 ft²


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SKU: TS542121

Product Description

This product has been discontinued. Please see our other cell signal booster products for small homes.

Features of the Top Signal 2X HiBoost 4K Smart Link

  • Upgraded commercial-grade coax cable delivers double the square foot coverage of the regular Top Signal HiBoost 4K Smart Link system.
  • Provides improved signal for small to average-sized homes, condominiums, and apartments.
  • Sturdy metal case.
  • Easy-to-read backlit LCD display, with uplink/downlink/power status on one screen and optional manual settings.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot your booster with HiBoost’s Signal Supervisor app for smartphones.
  • Boosts signal for up to 100 simultaneous cellular devices.
  • Directional and omnidirectional outdoor and indoor antennas at no additional charge. (Get help choosing the right antennas.)
  • Includes commercial-grade antennas and components.
  • Carrier agnostic: Works with all major U.S. and Canadian carriers.
  • Improves 5G, 4G LTE, and 3G service for voice, text, and data. (Learn more about 5G compatibility.)

The Top Signal 2X HiBoost 4K Smart Link is a single-antenna system designed for homes and small offices that need improved cell signal reception across multiple rooms. The 2X 4K Smart Link improves both voice and data to reduce dropped calls and missed emails and texts, keeping your family members and friends connected with a stronger cell signal.

This system includes an inside dome antenna and a panel antenna that send amplified signal to the phones in your home. Use whichever antenna works best for you.

HiBoost Home 4K Smart Link LCD display and controls The Top Signal HiBoost 2X 4K Smart Link features a backlit LCD display and optional manual controls for gain and power.

This system doubles your coverage!

The Top Signal 2X HiBoost 4K Smart Link system uses the same booster as the standard kit, but includes ⅜‑inch 400 coax cable with half the signal loss of the standard 240 coax. This 2X system will double the coverage area provided by your inside dome antenna.

The 2X system also includes an upgraded outdoor omni antenna that provides better signal gain to and from the cell tower.

Double the coverage area The low-loss 400 coax cable in this system doubles your amplified cell signal coverage area.

Who is the Top Signal 2X HiBoost 4K Smart Link for?

  • Small to average-sized homes with typical cellular user and data loads.
  • Small offices and home offices that need improved cell signal for a limited number of users.
  • Apartments and condominiums in areas with poor cell service.
  • Residences in remote locations with weak cell service.
  • Urban environments with building materials that block outside cell signal (steel, glass, concrete, plaster, etc.).
  • Basements and other below-ground rooms where cell reception is poor.

Monitor your 4K Smart Link system from your smartphone

HiBoost’s Signal Supervisor app for smartphones helps you set up and monitor your cell signal booster. The booster links to your iPhone or Android via a Bluetooth or WiFi connection. With Signal Supervisor, you can:

  • Register your booster via a QR Code or Bluetooth.
  • Monitor your signal booster’s status via Bluetooth.
  • Set up and receive remote alerts if your booster isn’t operating properly.
  • View your booster’s power settings, decibel gain, and dBm output.
  • Manage multiple boosters.

HiBoost’s Signal Supervisor app is available for Apple iOS and Android devices.

The HiBoost Signal Supervisor app for iPhone and Android smartphones for use with HiBoost Smart Link cell phone signal boosters

Purchasing a Top Signal 2X HiBoost 4K Smart Link system

The Top Signal 2X HiBoost 4K Smart Link kit comes with the following components:

Top Signal HiBoost 4K Smart Link cell signal amplifier TS542101
AC/DC adapter GM50‑120300‑F
BONUS Wideband outdoor omni antenna TS210471
Wideband outdoor LPDA antenna
BONUS Wideband indoor dome antenna TS250374
Wideband indoor panel antenna
50′ 400 coax cable TS340050
30′ 400 coax cable TS340030
N‑female to F‑male connector TS451027 (×2)
Adjustable rooftop antenna mount TS430001
50‑ohm lightning surge protector TS450001
Powerful Signal home cell signal booster installation guide icon Home cell signal booster installation guide
HiBoost Home Smart Link Series user manual

How the Top Signal 2X HiBoost 4K Smart Link works

The Top Signal 2X HiBoost 4K Smart Link receives the outside cell signal, amplifies it, and rebroadcasts it inside your home through a ceiling-mounted dome antenna or wall-mounted panel antenna. This allows you to stay connected in areas where cell service is poor or where your home’s construction materials interfere with signals from the local cell tower.

Works with all major cellular carriers

The Top Signal 2X HiBoost 4K Smart Link works with all major wireless carriers:

  • U.S. carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, T‑Mobile, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, and most others.
  • Canadian carriers, including Rogers, Bell Canada, Telus, Wind, and most others.

It operates on common cellular frequencies.

  • 700 MHz (SMH) bands 12, 13, 17.
  • 850 MHz (Cellular 850) band 5.
  • 1700/2100 MHz (AWS) band 4.
  • 1900 MHz (PCS) bands 2, 25.
Carrier logos for Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T‑Mobile, U.S. Cellular

Which antennas should I choose?

This system includes an outdoor directional antenna and an outdoor omnidirectional antenna. It also has an indoor dome antenna and an indoor panel antenna. You may use one outdoor antenna and one indoor antenna. Here are some general guidelines for choosing the right antennas.

Outside (donor) antenna:

  • The cylindrical omnidirectional antenna works best in most situations. An omni antenna gathers signal from all carrier towers in all directions, and it’s also easier to set up.
  • The wedge-shaped directional antenna (LPDA) works best if your home has a direct line of sight to a specific cell tower that provides service for your cellular network. The directional antenna is also an excellent choice if another carrier has a powerful cell tower nearby, but you need to bypass that tower in favor of a more distant one operated by your preferred carrier. A directional antennas needs to be tuned, so its setup is more involved than an omni antenna’s.

Inside (broadcast) antenna:

  • The ceiling-mounted dome antenna works best in most situations. It broadcasts downward and all around in a spherical shape (similar to the shape of a donut, but without the hole in the middle). It usually gives more broad, even coverage than a panel antenna and is less noticeable than a wall-mounted panel antenna. Installing a dome antenna does, however, require that you have access above the ceiling to pull cable and mount the antenna.
  • A wall-mounted panel antenna broadcasts forward in a wedge shape (similar to the beam from a flashlight). It’s a better option if you don’t have access above your ceiling, or if you want to mount the antenna on the outside perimeter of the area you want to cover. It’s also a good option for long, narrow indoor areas.

If you’re still not certain which antennas will work best for you, please call us at 866‑912‑3444. Our technical support representatives will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and give you a recommendation based on years of professional experience.

How much area will the Top Signal 2X HiBoost 4K Smart Link cover?

This system comes with one dome antenna that broadcasts improved cellular signal in a spherical pattern or a panel antenna that broadcasts in a horizontal cone shape. With strong outside cell signal (−95 dBm RSRP or greater), you can typically cover 8,000 square feet of indoor building space with 700 MHz signal. The size of the coverage area depends on many factors, including:

  • Outside cell signal strength received by the donor antenna.
  • Which outdoor donor antenna your choose. The omnidirectional antenna is easier to set up and will pick up signal from all towers and carriers in a 360° radius. The directional (LPDA) antenna provides stronger signal gain by targeting a specific tower, possibly with access to fewer carriers.
  • Inside building materials. Cellular frequencies pass through wood framing and drywall more easily than through steel and concrete.
  • Cellular frequencies used by the carrier and the device. Lower-frequency 700 MHz and Cellular (850 MHz) signals travel farther than higher-frequency PCS (1900 MHz) and AWS (1700/2100 MHz) signals.

Substandard or inadequate conditions in any of these factors will reduce your coverage area.

Powerful Signal has over a decade of experience designing and installing cellular amplification systems. Please call us at 866‐912‐3444 or contact us online and we’ll be happy to calculate the coverage area this system will provide in your building and answer any other questions about this amplifier.

FCC Notice

For information on federal rules governing the use of consumer cell signal boosters, please see our FCC notice page.

Product Specifications

Small to large homes
Strong outside signal (−95 dBm RSRP, 5 bars):
Up to 8,000 ft² indoor coverage @ 700 MHz
Fair outside signal (−105 dBm RSRP, 3 bars):
Up to 5,000 ft² indoor coverage @ 700 MHz
Weak outside signal (−115 dBm RSRP, 1 bar):
Up to 1,000 ft² indoor coverage @ 700 MHz
Outside antenna:
Omnidirectional cylinder & directional LPDA
Inside antenna:
Omnidirectional dome & directional panel
Cable type:
Connector type:
N / F
50 Ω
+60 dB max
Max output power (uplink):
24 dBm
Max output power (downlink):
10 dBm
Booster case material:
Signal readout:
Backlit LCD display with adjustable uplink, downlink & power by channel

Warranty Information

For warranty information on this product, please see our Top Signal warranty information page.

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