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What Should I Look for When Purchasing a Cell Signal Booster Kit?

Posted by Kevin Taylor on March 31, 2017

Cell signal booster technology is new to most individuals. Most everyone is familiar with tires, TVs, etc. but selecting the right cell phone booster kit for your home, office, or warehouse is probably a totally new experience. Let’s walk through what you should know.


Naturally price is one of the most important key elements. We all want a good deal. The Internet makes this step very easy. Prices can be checked with just a few clicks. Just click, click, click and my product is on its way to me. Pricing and purchasing is the easiest part of the entire process, but don’t be fooled. Choosing the cheapest price may get you into big trouble.

Product Selection

You will probably notice while you are looking at cell signal booster kits that there are many different options and types being sold on the Internet. So many options that it can be quite confusing to the first-time signal booster buyer. So how do you select the correct kit that will give the results you expect?

Manufacturers have guidelines they publish, usually based on the maximum square footage that can be achieved under the most optimum conditions.

For example you may see a home cell signal booster being advertised to cover up to 2,500 sf. The odds of this happening is rare. There are so many variables to take into consideration;

  • Outside cell signal strength
  • Carrier frequency
  • Inside walls
  • Type of interior antennas and placement
  • Exterior antenna placement
  • Shape of the home
  • Type of roof; metal, asphalt, concrete, etc.
  • Type of coax cable in the kit; RG6, RG11, 400, etc.
  • etc. etc.

Many of the Internet dealers and just about all big box stores that sell signal boosters have very little experience with the equipment, how to install it, and how it works. It is not like installing a WiFi router, satellite TV or cable TV even though these technologies can use similar coax cable. Most dealers because of their lack of knowledge will spend very little time with the customer during the product selection phase. They want to push you into a quick sale and if it doesn’t work they will be quick to mention their return policy. Return policies are nice, but the customer looses time, effort, and and money. I don’t know about you, but my time is important and valuable to me and I want things to work right the first time.Most customers that like to ask a lot of questions tend to detect a lack of knowledge in these types of dealers, but are coerced into a sale because of cheap prices.

Pre/Post Sales Technical Support

Pre and post technical sales support is what separates the expert companies from the box movers. Cell signal booster technology is proven, solid, and has matured well over the past 10 years. This said, there are still many times that technical support is required. There is nothing worse than removing an installed system and sending it back for a refund when a simple change would have made all the difference. If the dealer you purchase the equipment from can not answer your questions before the sale, they they probably will not be able to help you if you run into a situation where technical product knowledge is required.

Bottom Line

There needs to be a balance between product price and dealer technical expertise. Everyone wants the best deal and the right product.

Let Powerful Signal step you through the process of selecting the correct cell signal booster equipment, explaining to you how it should be install in your environment, and be there when you need any technical support. We offer life-time support to our customers so when the carrier decides to change tower configurations in your area, we will be there to help you re-tune your system.

Call us at 877‑912‑3444 and talk to the experts!

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