Wilson 304452 Wide Band Window Mount Panel Antenna

Wilson 304452 Window Mount Panel Antenna

Wilson 304452 Wide Band Window Mount Panel Antenna

Wilson Wide Band 700-2100MHz Window Mount Panel Antenna
Item Number:
Mount with Suction Cups on Window
Freqency: 700~2500MHz
Connector: N-Female
Style: Panel
Radiation Pattern: Directional
Gain: 8dB

Product Description

The Wilson 304452 wide-band panel antenna is designed to be mounted on the inside of a glass window.  This window mount antenna is designed for situations where exterior antennas cannot be mounted on the building.  Note: This antenna replaces the Wilson 301134
The Wilson 304452 window mount panel points out the window to the cell tower and is used in place of an exterior antenna.  An antenna cradle with suction cups is placed on the inside of the window and the antenna is placed into the cradle.  Attached to the antenna is a short coax with N-Female connector.
 Wilson 304452 Installation Guide


Part Number 304452
Frequency Range and Gain
700-800 MHz - 5.2 dBi
824-894 MHz - 4.4 dBi
880-960 MHz - 4.2 dBi
1710-1880 MHz - 10.1 dBi
1850-1900 MHz - 10.6 dBi
2110-2170 MHz - 8.2 dBi
Polarization Vertical
Horizontal Beamwidth 70 / 60 Deg
Vertical Beamwidth 50 / 45 Deg
Max Power 50 watts
Connector N-Female
8.27 x 7.09 x 1.73 inch
21 x 18 x 4.39 cm
1.32 lbs
0.6 kg
Color White