Right Angle Rubber Antenna

Right Angle Rubber Antenna

Right angle adjustable antenna with FME-female connector. Can easily be attached to mobile wireless amplifier or small Wilson 801245 SOHO for broadcast antenna in a desktop environment. Can be adjusted in multiple angles.
Item Number:
Connector: FME-Female
Style: Desktop
Radiation Pattern: Omni-Directional
Gain: 3dB

Product Description

This antenna can be used in several different ways.  It can be used as a interior broadcast antenna on mobile amplifiers (Wilson 801201, Top Signal 55) for a small desktop hotspot or can be used on a small building amplifier (Wilson 801245, Wilson 805045) to broadcast around a small room.

 The antenna is 8.25 inches long and the base can be articulated in 3 different positions: straight, 45 degrees or 90 degrees.  This allows it to be used on an amplifier sitting on a table or mounted on a wall.

The antenna is omni-directional and will broadcast 360º in all directions.
  • Dual-Band (800/1900MHz)
  • 4dB gain
  • FME-Female Connector
  • 8.25 inches height