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Top Signal 55dB Vehicle Booster Kit

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Top Signal 55dB Mobile Dual-Band Repeater
Top Signal 55dB Mobile Dual-Band RepeaterTop Signal 55dB Mobile AmplifierTop Signal Magnet Mount AntennaTop Signal Vehicle Power Supply
Connector: FME-Male
Gain: 55dB
Group: Mobile Kit
Application: Cellular/PCS, Cellular, PCS, 2G/3G
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Discontinued

Top Signal Cell Phone Booster Vehicle Kit - Best in Class

This complete kit includes a powerful 55dB dual-band (800/1900MHz) mobile, wireless, cell phone booster, antennas, and power supply for vehicle use.  This is one of the strongest (55dB gain) wireless cell signal boosters that has been designed for in-vehicle use.  Most mobile cellular amplifiers are only 40-45dB of gain.  The Top Signal 55 will cover twice the space inside a vehicle as a 40/45 dB cellular amplifier.  If you have a large vehicle, mini-van or commercial truck, then the Top Signal 55 is your best choice.

Product Description

The FCC approved Top Signal Vehicle Booster Kit is a newly engineered 55dB mobile cell signal booster.  The dual-band (800/1900MHz) amplifier has a modern Overload Protection System that includes:
  • AGC - Automatic Gain Level Control
  • AIC - Automatic Isolation Detection
  • Automatic Reset
Each amplifier is individually tested during the QC process at the factory to ensure high quality performance.  This amplifier is Powerful Signal's strongest vehicle cell signal booster and is recommended for individuals in very low signal areas or with large vehicles.  The Top Signal cellular amplifier improves cell signal for both cell phones and 2G/3G data cards, helping them stay connected farther away from the cell towers.  This kit works with all carriers that use GSM, CDMA, and TDMA in the 800MHz and 1900Mhz frequencies.  This includes Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.
The Top Signal has 55dB of gain which makes it one of the strongest broadcast mobile amplifiers on the market.  This gives the system the ability to fill larger vehicles with signal.  Most mobile amplifiers have about 40/45dB of gain. 
NOTE: The Top Signal TS122551 uses sophisticated gain control, isolation detection, and reset technology to perform automatic adjustments while in use.  This newly engineered amplifier is FCC certified.  Each amplifier is individually tested during the manufacturer QC process to insure a high performance, quality product.
View our Portable Kit, same amplifier, but with all the accessories!

The Middle-of-Nowhere Test

Powerful Signal took the Top Signal 55 mobile booster into the Utah, Arizona, Nevada deserts and mountains to test it in in a variety of difficult environments.  We tested the Top Signal 55 along side the best of the best mobile amplifiers currently on the market.  In 3 different tests totaling over 300 miles, we drove in the mountains and desert till the signal vaporized into nothing.
The Top Signal 55dB booster consistently performed as good or better than any other mobile amplifier we offer.  It had the best interior broadcast distance and was at the top when it came to picking up weak signal.
We consider this system our TOP MOBILE PICK.

Strong Top Signal 55dB Amplifier

The Top Signal 55dB cell signal amplifier connects easily with the exterior magent mount antenna and the interior low profile broadcast antenna.  Strong FME connectors are used the amplifier to connect both interior and exterior antenna.  Everything easily connects together with no tools. Indicator lights are provided for power and errors along with an on/off switch.
55dB Wireless Booster

Magnet mount Antenna Options

There are two options available for the exterior antenna, 12 inch mag-mount and a low profile mag-mount. Both are excellent performing antennas.  Both antennas have about 10 feet of coax and an FME-Female connector to connect to the amplifier. This allows the antenna to be easily placed on the roof of the vehicle and the coax is then run to the amplifier.
Top Signal 12 inch magnet mount antenna
12" Magnet Mount Antenna
Top Signal Low Profile Antenna
Low Profile Antenna

Vehicle Power Supply

The power supply has about 16ft of wire.  This generous amount of wire allows the power cable to be run in larger truck and vehicle cabs.  The receptical has an on/off switch to easily control power to the amplifier.
Vehicle Power Supply

Inside Broadcast Antenna

The inside antenna is low profile with adhesive on the back for quick, easy placement inside the vehicle.  The antenna has about 6.5ft of coax attached to it.  It should be mounted in a vertical position for best performance.  It should not be mounted on metal surface.
Inside Antenna
Patch antenna mounted on vehicle dash
Patch mounted on dash

Kit Contents

  1. Top Signal 55dB Cellular Amplifier
  2. 12" Magnet Mount Antenna
  3. Low Profile interior antenna
  4. Vehicle power supply
  5. User Guide
 View Top Signal 55 Manual

Top Signal Mobile Booster Specifications

Operating Frequency
Uplink: 824-894 / 1850-1910 MHz
Downlink: 869-894 / 1930-1990 MHz
Uplink: 55dB
Downlink: 55dB
Overload Protection System
AGC - Automatic Gain Control
AIC - Automatic Isolation Detection Control
Automatic Reset
Noise Figure <5dB
VSWR <1.8:1
Input Voltage 6.0 dc / 3.5 A
Connector FME - Male
4.9 x 4.8 x 1.4 inches
125.5 x 123 x 35.5 (mm)
Weight <2.2 lbs / <1.0kg