Top Signal 400 Coax Cable, Plenum Coax, 240 & RG58 Coax

Coax Cable

Coax for large commercial buildings, homes and smaller projects.  Pre-cut, terminated coax in various lengths from Powerful Signal makes implementation easier.

Custom Cut Coax

Powerful Signal will custom cut coax to your needs.  We bring in coax on 1,000ft rolls by the pallet.  If you have a special project or continuous need for a certain type of coax at a certain length, contact Powerful Signal and let us handle your coax needs.
RFS Plenum 1/2" Coax Cable
RFS Plenum Low Loss Coax for Large Commercial Buildings.
400 Low Loss Coax
Low Loss 400 Coax for homes and commercial buildings.
240 Coax Cable
240 coax cable for shorter runs in apartments, condos, RV's or other small areas.
RG58 Coax
RG58 Coax for short flexible runs in vehicles or small areas

RFS 1/2 Inch Plenum Air Coax

When buildings codes require plenum or when there are long coax runs that require extremely low loss coax, Powerful Signal uses RFS Plenum Air.

Top Signal 400 Coax Cable

Most small commercial and homes can use 400 coax cable which is one of the industry standards.   Top Signal 400 is sold in bulk 1,000 ft rolls or pre-cut with N-Male connectors.  This is an excellent choice for homes and offices.

Top Sigal 240 Coax Cable

High quality Top Signal Coax Cable is excellent for very short runs in tight areas and sharp corners.  Top Signal 240 is a good option for RV's, boats, large trucks, and small workspace systems.

RG58 Coax Cable

RG58 has a high loss per foot ratio.  It is usually used in short runs (5-10 ft) in vehicles.  Use 240 Coax if possible, it has less loss than RG58 and is very similar in size.  240 is slightly more stiff than RG58.