Wilson weBoost Cell Phone Booster for Your Small Office

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Bring a strong 3G or 4G cell signal into your office building

Powerful Signal specializes in solving cell phone signal problems in all types of buildings; homes, multi-floor office/high-rises, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, health care facilities, educational environments, etc. We have the knowledge, products and experience to solve your building cell signal problems. Powerful Signal carries multiple products lines from various manufacturers. This enables us to fit the right size system to your problem.

Sample Multi-Antenna Cell Signal Booster InstallationBetter Cell Signal in Warehouse BuildingsSample Multi-Antenna Cell Signal Booster Installation

WilsonPro 70 Plus

The WilsonPro 70 Plus is Wilson's most powerful cell phone booster that can handle the larger quantities of data and users.  The WilsonPro is recommended in larger office environments where there are many users making calls and checking email.

WilsonPro 70 and weBoost Connect 4G-X

The WilsonPro 70 and the weBoost Connec 4G-X are excellent cell phone boosters for small offices with less users and data demands.

NOTE: The systems shown in this category are pre-configured, pre-approved for smaller office environments.  For large, multi-floor office or commercial space, see the Commercial Section of our website.