WilsonPro 4000 Performance Upgrade Kit TS520141: Contents

WilsonPro 4000 Performance Upgrade Kit TS520141

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  • Twice the square footage coverage of 400 coax
  • ½-inch foam PE dialectric cable
  • Works with WilsonPro 4000 & WilsonPro 4000R systems
  • Add-on for existing installations (amplifier sold separately)


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SKU: TS520141

Product Description

This product is no longer available online, but a Powerful Signal representative will gladly help you find the right parts to upgrade your existing cell signal booster system. Please call us at 866‑912‑3444.

Upgrade to ½‑inch carrier-grade coax cable and double the coverage of your WilsonPro 4000 or WilsonPro 4000R system.

Half-inch coax has extremely low signal loss (less than half of 400-type cable), providing better cell signal amplifier performance and allowing for longer cable runs. Half-inch coax will give you the strongest possible signal in your office or other large building.

Features of the WilsonPro 70 Performance Upgrade Kit

Double the coverage area The low-loss ½‑inch cable in this kit doubles the square footage of your cell signal amplifier system.

WilsonPro 70 Performance Upgrade Kit contents

Top Signal half-inch coax cable 100 feet TS360100 icon 100′ half‑inch low‑loss coax cable TS360100 (×4)
Top Signal half-inch coax cable 75 feet TS360075 icon 75′ half‑inch low‑loss coax cable TS360075
Top Signal omnidirectional building antenna TS210471 icon Wideband outdoor omni antenna TS210471
Top Signal dome antenna TS250374 icon Wideband indoor dome antenna TS250374 (×4)
Top Signal adjustable rooftop antenna mount TS430001 icon Adjustable rooftop antenna mount TS430001
Top Signal 50-ohm lightning surge protector TS450001 icon 50‑ohm lightning surge protector TS450001

Please note

  • Amplifier not included (sold separately).
  • ½‑inch coax cable requires special handling and has special bend characteristics.
  • Custom cable lengths are available upon request; contact Powerful Signal for assistance.
  • ½‑inch coax cable is non-returnable.

Product Specifications

Cable Type:
½-inch foam polyethylene
Cable Length:
100 ft. (30.5 m) (×4) & 75 ft. (22.9 m)
Antenna Type:
Outside omnidirectional (×1) / inside omnidirectional (×4)
Connector Type:
50 Ω
−2.9 dB per 100 ft. @ 800 MHz

Warranty Information

Accessories sold by Powerful Signal are warranted for ninety (90) days against defects in workmanship and/or materials. Warranty cases may be resolved by calling Powerful Signal at 866‑912‑3444.

This warranty does not apply to any accessories or components determined by Powerful Signal to have been subjected to misuse, abuse, neglect, or mishandling that alters or damages physical or electronic properties.

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