SureCall Guardian4 80 dB Public Safety Band Bi-Directional Amplifer (SC-Responder): Angle

SureCall Guardian4 80 dB Public Safety Band Bi-Directional Amplifer

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  • Public safety signal booster for large buildings
  • FirstNet Ready
  • Supports 700 and 800 MHz bands
  • +80 dB gain
  • NEMA 4-rated enclosure
  • Remote monitoring and battery backup capabilities


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Product Description

This product has been discontinued. Please see our other FirstNet and public safety solutions.

Features of the SureCall Guardian4

  • Provides improved coverage for 700 MHz (FirstNet) and 800 MHz public safety frequencies.
  • +80 dB gain with automatic gain control (AGC).
  • Built-in SureCall Sentry™ remote monitoring with ethernet port.
  • 7-pin alarm and UPS port for external battery backup.
  • NEMA 4-rated housing provides protection from dirt, dust, splashing and hose-directed water.
  • Meets NFPA 1221 and IFC 510 codes.
  • Energy-saving operation—bands remain dormant when not in use.
  • Works with A/C 110V or DC 12-20V power.
  • Uplink and downlink attenuation independently adjustable in −1 dB increments.
  • Comes with a standard 3-year warranty; 5-year extended warranty available.

The SureCall Guardian4™ public safety signal booster amplifies FirstNet signals for first-responder and emergency services radios, providing consistent signal for public safety officials who are counting on reliable communication inside large buildings. The Guardian4’s tri-band booster has a maximum gain of +80 dB on the 700 MHz (FirstNet Ready) and 800 MHz public safety frequencies.

Building codes require most newly-constructed large buildings, as well as existing large buildings that undergo expansion, to have signal strength of −95 dBm or better in critical areas like elevators and stairwells. The Guardian4 provides improved signal for those areas, and it meets National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and International Fire Code (IFC) requirements.

The Guardian4 features a NEMA-4 rated amplifier housing to protect against hose-directed water. It also comes equipped with dry contact 7-pin alarming capability and UPS and Ethernet port-enabled remote monitoring.

Plenum air coax cable

Public safety systems require fire-rated cable in plenum spaces. Plenum cable fully meets state and federal building codes.

Powerful Signal recommends ½-inch plenum air coax. Half-inch cable has nearly half the signal loss per foot of cable compared to 400-type coax cable, delivering stronger signal from the SureCall amplifier to emergency responders’ communications devices.

(Plenum air cable is available at additional cost. Call Powerful Signal at 866-912-3444 for details.)

Plenum air coax cable terminated with an N-male connector Fire-rated plenum air coax cable from Powerful Signal.

Best practices: a custom-designed SureCall Guardian4 solution

In a large building, office, or warehouse, you’ll get the best results and performance from a SureCall Guardian4 with a custom design and professional installation.

Working with your floor plans, Powerful Signal’s design engineers will create design specifications that will allow you to use the fewest number of components to get the maximum amount of signal coverage inside your building.

Powerful Signal’s professional installer will have knowledge of local building codes and the proper tools and experience to make sure your system is set up and configured correctly.

Call Powerful Signal at 866-912-3444 or request a free custom quote online. We can design a custom public safety communications system at the best possible price point. We’ve designed thousands of signal amplifier systems; let us create one for you!

Office floor with a SureCall public safety BDA and dome antenna An office floor flooded with signal from a SureCall public safety BDA and one dome antenna.

Purchasing a SureCall Guardian4 system

Installing the SureCall Guardian4 requires special licensing, so we strongly advise a custom solution. If you prefer to purchase this system as a standalone product, without design and installation, please note the FCC Part 90 requirements below. This kit comes with the following components:

SureCall Guardian4 SC-Responder icon SureCall Guardian4 public safety BDA with NEMA‑4 enclosure
SureCall Guardian4 SC-Responder user guide icon SureCall Guardian4 user guide

Operates on major public safety frequencies

The SureCall Guardian4 operates on FirstNet and other frequencies used by first responders:

  • 700 MHz (FirstNet): 788–805 MHz uplink / 758–775 MHz downlink.
  • 800 MHz: 806–824 MHz uplink / 851–869 MHz downlink.
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FCC notice

The SureCall Guardian4 is classified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as a Part 90 Class B wideband industrial booster. To operate a Guardian4 booster you must have an FCC license or the express consent of an FCC licensee and register the booster with the FCC. Licensing and registration is the responsibility of the booster owner/operator; Powerful Signal cannot license boosters on behalf of its customers.

Click here for more information on Part 90 boosters.

Warranty returns

The SureCall Guardian4 may only be returned due to defects or problems that are solely the fault of SureCall.

For more information on warranty returns, see our SureCall warranty information page.

Product Specifications

Public safety
Outside Antenna:
(sold separately)
Inside Antenna:
(sold separately)
Cable Type:
50 Ω (400 or ½″ plenum; sold separately)
Connector Type:
N / Ethernet
50 Ω
+80 dB max
Gain Adjustment:
31 dB
Uplink Frequencies:
788–805 / 806–816
Downlink Frequencies:
758–775 / 851–861
Booster Case Material:
Signal Readout:
LED light

Warranty Information

For warranty information on this product, please see our SureCall warranty information page.

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