Wilson 304419 Indoor Ceiling-Mount Omnidirectional Cellular Dome Antenna with F-Female Connector (75 Ohm)

Wilson Ceiling-Mounted Omni Cellular Dome Antenna 698–2700 MHz F-Female 304419

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  • Indoor building antenna for 75 Ohm systems
  • “Pigtail” cable with F-female connector
  • Attach to inside ceiling
  • Mounting kit included

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Product Description

Features of the Wilson dome antenna

  • Works with 698–2700 MHz 5G, 4G LTE, and 3G frequencies. (Learn more about 5G compatibility.)
  • 3.3″ × 7.3″ × 7.3″ omnidirectional building antenna.
  • Mounts to drywall ceiling or other drillable, horizontal surface no thicker than 1.5 inches (mounting nut included; ceiling access required for installation).
  • F‑female connector with “pigtail” cable attachment.
  • 75‑ohm impedance.
  • +1.2–4.9 dBi gain.
  • Beamwidth: Horizontal plane 360°, vertical plane 60°.
  • Assembled in USA.
  • 2‑year warranty.

How the Wilson dome antenna works

  • Receives inside signal from a cell phone signal booster and directs it to multiple cell phones inside the building.
  • For use inside commercial buildings, offices, and homes.
  • Works with 75‑ohm cell signal booster systems.

Wilson dome antenna contents

Wilson Indoor Ceiling-Mount Omnidirectional Dome Antenna with F-Female Connector (75 Ohm) 304419 icon Wideband indoor dome antenna with nylon mounting nut 304419

Please note

  • This antenna will not operate by itself; it is one component of a cell signal booster system. Please contact Powerful Signal—we’ll be happy to help you determine what your needs are and what system will work best in your situation.

Product Specifications

Connector Type:
Cable Type:
RG-6 or RG-11 coax
Cable Length:
11.8 in. (30 cm)
Antenna Type:
Inside omnidirectional
Antenna Length:
3.3 in. (8.4 cm)
Mount Type:
Nylon mounting nut
Mount Spec:
Attaches to drywall or other drillable surface
75 Ω
Gain 698–960 MHz:
+2.0 dBi
Gain 1710–2700 MHz:
+4.0 dBi
Beamwidth Horizontal Plane:
Beamwidth Vertical Plane:
Prop 65 Notice:
Warning Cancer and reproductive harm. www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Warranty Information

For warranty information on this product, please see our Wilson Electronics warranty information page.

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