M2M IoT Cell Signal Boosters

Improved cellular reception for unattended and remote cellular devices

Today’s industries are increasing their deployment of wireless cellular unattended machine devices, including retail point-of-sale, remote monitoring/control, fleet management, data backup, Internet failover, and other applications. All of these devices are part of the larger “Internet of things” (IoT) market, in which everyday appliances are connected to the Internet via cellular communications.

But devices that rely on strong, consistent cellular signal can run into operational difficulties if they are located in areas where cell coverage is weak or spotty. Devices in remote areas (farms, national and state parks, wilderness) and deep inside large buildings (interior rooms, data centers, basements) are particularly susceptible to this problem.

Powerful Signal’s solution

M2M device communication problems often can be solved by adding a WilsonPro M2M cellular amplifier to the system. A WilsonPro Signal 4G amplifier receives weak cell signal, amplifies it, and sends the improved signal to the cellular modem of your M2M device. This allows your device to stay connected in areas where cell service is poor, or where your office’s building materials interfere with signals from the local cell tower.

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