Wilson 801280 AG Pro 75 Cell Signal Repeater Review

Written by: Kevin Taylor   January 11, 2011
The Wilson 801280 AG Pro 75 is brand new.  Wilson delivered it to their major dealers this week.  This is Wilson's largest building cell phone booster.  It is a dual-band 800/1900MHz bidirectional amplifier that has 70dB of gain on 800MHz and 75dB of gain on 1900MHz.
Wilson 801280 AG Pro 75 Cell Signal Repeater
Wilson 801280 AG Pro 75
Wilson 801280 AG Pro 75 Cell Booster Top View
Wilson 801280 AG Pro 75 Top View

The Amplifier Housing

The case for the amplifier is new for Wilson.  The amplifier is 5.7 x 4.2 x 1.5 inches.  This is small considering most other dual band amplifiers from other manufacturers are much larger.  I would imagine in the furture, this metal case will become the standard for the larger dual-band building amplifiers from Wilson.  There are mounting tabs at each corner so the amplifier can be mounted on wall.  N-Female connectors are one each side.  This is industry standard and makes the amplifier ready to connecto to LMR400 coax with N-Female connectors.

Adjusting the Amplifier

The Wilson 801280 AG Pro 75 is Wilson's first manually adjustable cellular amplifier.  Other Wilson building amplifiers have automactic adjustment.  The new manual adjust method on the AG Pro is simple and easy to understand.  Each frequency, 800MHz and 1900MHz have their own adjustment knob.  The knob controls the gain (broadcast power) of the amplifier.  Once the inside and outside antennas are connected the amplifier can be adjusted.  Turn each adjustment knob to increase the gain until the indicator light goes red or blinks red, then back it down a bit till the light goes green.  This sets each frequency to the maximum gain without any antenna oscillation or tower proximity errors.  Antenna oscillation is when the inside and outside antenna broadcast over each other (somewhat like micriphone feedback).  Oscillation will cause issues with the carrier tower so the Wilson 801280 will shut off if there are red lights.  The farther the antennas are from each other, the more gain can be used which increases the interior broadcast distance.  As a rule-of-thumb, there should be 50 to 75 feet of separation between the interior and exterior antennas.


I see the Wilson 801280 AG Pro 75 as my top choice for homes and small offices.  The simplicity and power of this amplifier will allow home and office owners the ability to improve signal in the 5,000 sf range with a single antenna (depending upon outside signal).  Larger spaces can be covered depending upon various conditions.  Since the AG Pro is a 70/75dB cell phone booster, it will handle two internal antennas with a splitter quite easily. The adjustability of the amplifier will allow systems to be impemented in various configuration and environments such as condos, job sites, warehouses, etc.